Nakobe Dean drafted by the Eagles: Reactions to the pick


Although there is a small warning of medical concern with his No. 83 overall pick, Nakobe Dean could be an incredible steal if he can get back on his feet and stay healthy. Dean’s slide into the third round was allegedly because he refused shoulder surgery, which caused many teams to stop. For the Eagles, though, Dean’s availability allowed the team to pick up a Day 1 talent midway through the third round, making it worth the gamble.

During his pre-draft press conference, Eagles general manager Howie Roseman discussed his experience drafting injured players:

“And then the value has to be right, you know, the value of the player, and how do we feel the player suits us, and what kind of player do we think he was before the injury, how do we base it on our performance and our medical body, in which we have a lot of confidence, how do they project that player to return?

Dean is the second Georgia defensive player drafted by Philly this weekend, joining former Eagles teammate and first-round pick DT Jordan Davis. Davis and some of his new teammates celebrated the election.

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