NFC Notes: Deebo Samuel, 49ers, Cardinals, Seahawks


49ers Kyle Shanahan revealed the Jets offered the 10th pick and a fifth round pick for WR deebo samuel, but New York also wanted a second-round pick from the 49ers. This obviously wasn’t going to work with San Francisco.

“You’ll Consider Anything” Shanahan said, via Matt Barrows of The Athletic. “You have a responsibility to help your organization as much as you can. But losing a player like Deebo, it’s hard to see how that helps his organization. So you try to look at all the aspects and what people are willing to do, and nothing came even remotely close to what we thought would be fair for us or fair for the Niners.”

Shanahan added that he hasn’t spoken to Samuel in a couple of weeks, but he feels the two sides can work out their issues.

“We have a great relationship with Deebo,” Shanahan said. “I haven’t seen him much since the season ended. I think it’s a little bit easier when you’re dealing with people without screens and phones in front of you and what you read, whatever. Most of the world is like that, I know my children are. But I try not to get too caught up in it. You know someone, they know you. And when there comes a time when he calms down, hopefully he’ll calm down more after this draft, and things will get a little easier…” But he’s not someone we just met. We have been with him for three years. I think we know him pretty well. He knows us quite well. And things have not been the best in recent months through external perception. But I see that happening a lot in this league, especially in contract situations. So, he tries not to overreact one way or another. You try to be patient with that because emotions can run high with people, especially when you care about people and the stakes are high. But that’s what you have to make sure you don’t react to. And you need to make sure that when all is said and done, first and foremost, you do what is right for the organization. And then secondly, try to get mutual benefit for both parties.”

Shanahan did not yet want to comment on the specific reason for Samuel’s trade request.

“There are a lot of things that play into that,” Shanahan said. “I’d love to share it all with everyone so people can understand more, but that’s really not right for Deebo, it’s not right for the 49ers. Hopefully, we can figure this out, and one day it will become clear to you.”

  • 49ers general manager John Lynch said veteran C alex mack he remains undecided about his future and is still considering retiring this offseason. (matt maiocco)
  • The 49ers haven’t entirely ruled out bringing S back. Jaquiski Tartt but I haven’t been in contact with him. (Maiocco)


  • WR recently acquired by the Cardinals marquise brown He said it was “very rude” to part ways with Ravens QB lamar jackson: “It was very hard. That was one of the hardest things was leaving Lamar. I spoke with him. He understood and we are still calm at the end of the day.” (Joseph Weinfuss)


Seahawks HC Peter Carroll said the quarterback competition in Seattle has begun, with QB gene smith starting with a slight lead over the former Broncos QB drawn lock.

“The competition is on”, Carroll said, via Pro Football Talk. “Geno has come in and obviously he’s up front because he’s had all the experience with us. He has been with us for several years. He is leading the charge right now. He is in command of our system as much as a man could be. [Jacob Eason] he was with us for a year, so he’s doing his part. Meanwhile we are watching as Drew arrives and leaves. He is breaking his tail to catch up and be right. All of our guys that we know are strong pitchers. We will not lack the potential of our launch game, the style and the things that we can do.

“We have been able to see Drew in great depth. We have seen everything. We go back to all his college days and everything else. Every pitch he’s thrown to show us what he’s capable of. We’re fitting it together. It’s going to be a really strong and competitive group and we’re going to be smart. Geno knows what he is doing. He knows the game. He is a seasoned veteran. When he had the opportunity to get going last year, he showed amazing things. We know that the system can fit and work. We’re really off to a really good start just a couple of weeks into the off-season. We’re going out on the field for the first time for Phase Two this week. The coaches will finally get a chance to see the guys live and up front. I’m really excited to see how that goes and where they fit in. I know that in the meeting room, our guys are sharp and precise and they know it’s on.

“Nobody is just going through the motions here. it’s crucial [competition] and they’re taking it and it’s serious. It’s great to see.”

  • Carroll made an appearance on NFL Network during the later rounds of the draft and was asked if the team would still add a quarterback: “We are always looking. Nothing is going to change that fast now. Happy with the boys we have.” (Bob Conduct)
  • Carroll reiterated again that the Seahawks do not plan to trade WR D. K. Metcalf: “We don’t plan on him going anywhere else. We want her to be with us.” (curtis crabtree)

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