‘Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness’ Eyes $300 Million Opening – Deadline

Happy times are back for movie theaters this weekend with Disney/Marvel’s highly anticipated Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ready to kick off the summer checkout season that we didn’t have a year ago.

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’

The film, which fans expect to be a three-part sequel to the previous Marvel blockbuster Spider-Man: No Way Home (which sparked events featuring the Benedict Cumberbatch character) and Disney+ series WandaVision and loki, looks at a $160M-$180M domestic launch in what is the widest-ever release during the pandemic era in 4,400 theaters, plus another $140M+ overseas.

That would yield at least one $300M global start, which would go on to be the second best box office debut of the Covid era afterward No way home‘s $582 million WW and ahead the batteris $251 million WW. Equivalent to Batman, Doctor Strange 2 Russia and China do not have in its offshore bookings. In addition, most of the Middle East does not play the Marvel wizard given LBGTQ elements in the picture.

Doctor Strange 2 is currently at 79% fresh off 115 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes to No way home‘s 93% certified fresh from 410 reviews, and the question going into the weekend is how much this Byzantine story will overindex. Is it just for the Marvel fans, or will it rally the infidels? Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff is seen as a plus in terms of attracting a potentially younger female demo than usual for an MCU title.

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Another selling point for the core fanbase: the sequel represents Sam Raimi’s return to the MCU; his last time in the director’s chair was for Sony’s original Spider Man trilogy from 2002-07.

Currently, doctor Strange 2 US/Canada presale is at $60 million, ahead of Warner Bros.’ the batter‘s $42 million at the same time before opening in March and beyond No way homeis $120 million. However, a large part of doctor Strange 2The tickets are for Thursday evening. So just how frontloaded is this movie?

Moon Knight

‘Moon Knight’

Previews begin Thursday at 3 p.m. sharp in the United States, with the sequel also playing in 400 Imax rooms, more than 890 Premium Large Format screens, 2,600 3D locations, 250 D-Box/4D motion screens and 60 ScreenX screens. locations.

the batterThursday night, fewer midweek samples, brought in $17.6 million, while No way home pulled in $50 million.

It’s a fun week for Marvel fans as the season finale of another multiverse mindbender, moon knight, appears on Disney+ tonight at midnight. All eyes are also on the 3D share for Doctor Strange 2 as Disney will roll out the trailer for Avatar: The way of the water exclusively in cinemas for the first week of the picture.

Unlike the 2016 movie, Doctor Strange 2 is doing a simultaneous global release, including all offshore markets in its opening suite. The promotion kicks off Wednesday in major countries like France, Japan, Germany, Korea and Italy, and adds the UK, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Spain and India among others through Friday.

A key part of the weekend will be Korea, which has been very mellow lately amid caution to return to cinemas. The market saw a slight bump in the final frame, which could bode well. Important to remember that, despite the overall silence in the market, Korea showed up en masse for: Spider-Man: No Way Home, which brought in nearly $62 million there.

Doctor Strange 2


The Wizard of Cumberbatch first operated as a standalone at the end of October 2016. The comparable debut was $104 million at current rates. That’s not the best comp, as the MCU expanded afterward to include new characters on the big screen – and the blip. Looking at other MCU pictures, Thor: Ragnarok opened for $141 million offshore, and Captain Marvel – the film between the blips, which made it essential to watch – brought in $194 million in like-for-likes. In terms of pandemic-era mega movies, the batter recently opened in like-for-likes for $117 million overseas.

Stateside, the original Doctor Strange opened for $85 million in 2016 and a 2.7x discount on an A CinemaScore for $232.6 million domestically and $445.1 million WW. Captain Marvel, that’s another comp stateside, debuting at $153.4 million and an A CinemaScore and doing a 2.8x multiple for $426.8 million domestic finals and $1.12 billion worldwide. Note that the last movie led to the final avengers colossus, endgame, hence the long legs.

As a reminder, the ultimate Top 5 markets on the original Doctor Strange (excluding China and Russia) were Korea ($41.3 million), the UK ($28.5 million), Brazil ($22.7 million), Germany ($17.4 million) and Japan ($16.4 million).

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