Somehow, the Elden Ring’s most-forgotten boss now has Fandom

An Elden Ring image of a fighting silver knight in armor who appears to be Godrick's Soldier - or maybe just a follower of Godrick.

I’m not losing this time, Godrick’s Soldier!
Image: From the software

Elden’s Ring it is full of bewitching enemies, many of them awe-inspiring and grotesque. Malenia and Radahn are obvious examples of formidable enemies in the Inbetween that players have fallen in love with, but there is another, more humble enemy wandering around Limgrave that has somehow won the hearts of the game community. This is the first optional boss, a soldier so bland and modest you probably forgot about him by now. But for some players Godrick soldier he’s more than just a random dude giving you a rough lesson in Elden’s Ringcombat mechanics at the start of your journey as the hapless Tarnished. This brave warrior, fueled by the passionate affection of his followers, has become a meme, and some players jokingly call him the toughest boss ever, and in particular, attacks the games of others dressed up as him.

Godrick’s Soldier is an optional boss that you can meet after you are destroyed by the spider-like Grafted Offspring after starting the Elden’s Ring. You fight him at the end of the Stranded Graveyard, a tutorial dungeon that players skipped so much FromSoftware had to patch in popup pointing to it. He’s not that tough. It serves as an introductory boss fight in the game, is slow, has many telegraph attacks, and is not as aggressive or relentless as other enemies –like those stupid imps. Still, it’s a FromSoft game. Anything can cut you in half if you don’t pay attention, which happened to one player who was cheered by him for over an hour. While several players were already groupies of Soldier of Godrick, this movie seemingly stoked a tiny flame of praise and memeification in the community into a blazing fire.

In the movie from April 10 Posted by Souls YouTuber Amazing Chest presented the results of the contest he challenged Elden’s Ring means killing as many bosses as possible in one hour to receive a jackpot of $ 2,500. One report he received from a player named YungBreezyGawd was particularly remarkable. This player spent the entire allotted hour fighting – and ultimately defeating – Soldier Godrick as wretch, one of the most difficult starting classes in the game due to poor equipment and stats. It was a comically strange fight. Amazing Chest estimated that Godrick’s Soldier had hit YungBreezyGawd at least 60 times and wasn’t sure if the player was trolling him or not, but included submission anyway as he thought YungBreezyGawda’s heroic fight was “inspiring”. The amazing Chest didn’t know that his movie, and in particular the YungBreezyGawda reporting, would electrify fans around a noble knight who is only trying to teach you the basics.

“I’m still not quite sure if I was being trolled or not? But I really liked it [YungBreezyGawd’s] submission because I feel it represents everything [the Souls community] means, said Amazing Chest my box. “And that’s a big part of the reason I got interested in FromSoftware games myself. Trying over and over despite constant failures. You move forward even though you are this little force in a huge world full of monsters 10 times your size. It’s really inspiring stuff, even if it’s a meme now. “

Ever since the Amazing Chest – i even a few days before upload-this Elden’s Ring the fans were mistress and meming Godrick’s soldier. From calling him the toughest boss that totally needs a nerf down seeing it stack up against much tougher enemies, the community became perplexed for the humble tutorial fighter. There were veterans like Souls bastard Ongbal which is known for flawlessly crushing FromSoft jerks, their shit rocked by Godrick soldier. AND a few had common their restrictive, “no hit” gears against him. Some even have request for helpclaiming that I couldn’t beat it after 10 hours. But no one has taken their obsession as far as PlayerPhase, a player who attacks people as a spitting image of a lone soldier.

PlayerPhase, inspired by the “absurdity” of the memes for this fairly easy boss, compared one of his four Tarnish to resemble Godrick’s Soldier. He put on the entire soldier outfit, including the the same sword used by the Godrick Soldier, and go to battle against other Tarnished online, and also take on various bosses in the Lands Between as Godrick’s Soldier. Literally, because he even imitated a warrior’s fighting style. The result was some fun encounters with PlayerPhase screaming to hell.

“For the construction of Soldier Godrick, I was going through New Game + on my main character and just thought it would be fun to challenge myself in most of the end fights,” said PlayerPhase. my box. “I tried the bow itself or other things at first, but then I got a little bit of inspiration from the Amazing Chest YouTube video. I ended up changing the name of my main character to match the soldier and tried my hand at Maleni and did some PvP on the side before finally switching characters back. I think I was around 200 at the time, well above the community’s predefined meta level. Which made winning duels even more difficult as I was limiting myself to how I thought the boss would move and act. I just made these sparse and distant wins even more fun as players traded punches or caught their throws in another attack that they didn’t expect to reveal. Some players even played along with the meme, using emoticons like “Grovel for Mercy” when I entered their world. It’s really fun to see! “

And he might not be the only one to take on the Soldier Godrick cloak. One player posted a video on Reddit in which, upon being raided by someone other than PlayerPhase, who also committed Soldier Godrick’s identity theft, he groveled for mercy before plunging to death out of sheer fear of facing the Soldier in battle. Whether it’s a real reunion or a staged piece between friends, it appeals to Soldier Godrick’s growing reputation as Keyser Söze of the In Between Lands.

I understand all adoration. There is something comforting about Godrick’s Soldier. I mean, this is the Land of In-between, a deserted and terrifying world full of naughty boys who are desperate to spill your blood. Here is Godrick’s unpretentious Soldier. He’s just some dude, but he accuses you straightforwardly, proving that nothing, not even the inevitable Lord Elden, is too hard on an iron will. Thus, Soldier of Godrick represents every player, the idea that anyone can beat FromSoft games with a little luck and a lot of determination. It’s a touching feeling. He is also the first boss that can be defeated without too much trouble, which is both fun to play and confidence in your abilities. Maybe it’s just trolling by players who have nothing better to do, but Amazing Chest loves these weird fandoms anyway.

“I love that people rallied behind YungBreezyGawd’s performance in the form of this meme,” said Amazing Chest. “I like how the difficulty of this game connects us all. This is one of my favorite things in this community. “

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