The 3 zodiac signs with raw horoscopes on Wednesday, May 4, 2022

We have a great day ahead of us, and for some it could spell trouble. With Moon in Cancer, we might feel way too much for ourselves on this day, and with Moon Trine Saturn, we might be telling ourselves it’s all our fault.

Between the self-pity and the rationalization of the idea that we are not good people, but instead waste of life, certain signs of the zodiac here today will not take care of the passing influences of the day.

The idea of ​​holding ourselves down so low that we start to believe the lie we tell ourselves is just too much to handle.

Still, some of us will be such a self-loathing bender that it may seem unreal. That’s how Saturn gets us; we think we have to be something – someone else, and in the long run we can only be ourselves.

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Saturn’s influence makes us think we have to fit the mold, and the harder we try, the further we force ourselves into failure. And failure is at the heart of the day: feeling one, being afraid of being one, and failing at something when only success was allowed.

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