The Packers drafted some quality offensive linemen… see for yourself

After the 2022 NFL draft came to a close, Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst admitted that the team was lighter on the offensive line than they would normally prefer to be. According to the Packers’ chief of staff, they want to be about 12 deep at the job. Due to starter Elgton Jenkins’ ACL injury, the team only had 8 healthy players going into the draft.

That all changed in the middle and final rounds, when Green Bay beat UCLA’s Sean Rhyan, Wake Forest’s Zach Tom and Penn State’s Rasheed Walker in the third, fourth and seventh rounds, respectively. With the addition of four more undrafted free agents, the team now has 15 healthy linemen, nearly double the number they had just a week ago.

When evaluating college football players, the talking heads like to remind us to watch “good vs. good” matchups, that is, a player’s replays against a future NFL player. With that in mind, Acme Packing Company made film cuts of the coaches from each of the Packers’ three offensive line selections. Each video, which is a minute or two long, shows a full series of plays against first-round pass-rushers who were drafted in the 2022 class, the closest they’ve ever had to NFL-caliber competition.

Sean Ryan, UCLA

Sean Rhyan, a three-year starter, played almost exclusively at left tackle for UCLA during his college career. Due to an injury to USC’s Drake Jackson before the season-ending matchup between the Trojans and Bruins, the only drafted pass-rusher Rhyan faced all year was Oregon’s Kayvon Thibodeaux, who was drafted fifth overall by the New Yorkers. York Giants. .

Rhyan is an athletic lineman for his size, and his weight (321 pounds) and strength (9’2” long jump) show up in his one-on-one reps against Thibodeaux. While the two did not go face to face so much Due to the fact that Thibodeaux was busy abusing UCLA’s right tackle throughout the game, the movie shifts positively for Rhyan, who is clearly the best run blocker of the trio and has the best chance to start at guard.

Zach TomWake Forest

One of the most impressive tapes of a Day 3 pick in the 2022 draft is Wake Forest’s Zach Tom holding the stronghold in pass protection against Florida State’s Jermaine Johnson. Johnson, a late first-round pick, was nearly erased in the pressure game by Tom, who was one of the most effective pass protectors in college football.

Tom has primarily played left and center tackle and is very athletic, but a bit small for the tackle position. There are similarities, physically, with David Bakhtiari or even Rashawn Slater of the Los Angeles Chargers. When analysts talk about “typewriter feet” on the draft day telecast, what they mean is what Tom showed in his snaps against Johnson.

The big question mark about Tom moving forward is 1) Is he going to get reps early on and 2) What position is he going to play? At the moment, the Packers need a guard far more than a tackle or center, and the nearly 20-pound difference between him and Rhyan seems significant on film, at least if they’re going to be asked to transition inside.

Rasheed Walker, Penn State

The Packers’ selection of Rasheed Walker was perhaps their best-received pick of the draft, which is shocking considering they telegraphed the pick by bringing Walker to visit during the pre-draft process. Walker didn’t try out during the offseason due to injury, which may have been the reason for his visit and his downfall on draft day, but he has a long frame that appears in the movie.

Against Michigan, when he faced two top draft pick running backs in Aidan Hutchinson (2nd overall pick) and David Ojabo (2nd round pick), you can see the tools that made him worthy of a draft pick. It’s not always pretty, which is why he was still available on Day 3, but if the team can redshirt the 22-year-old former US Army All-American behind Bakhtiari, Jenkins and Yosh Nijman this year , the team could have secured themselves a rig at a very cheap three-year price. Considering the fact that Nijman is playing on a one-year tender, it makes sense that the team sees Walker as a potential swing tackle as early as the 2023 season.

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