Titus Welliver Previews ‘Bosch Legacy’ Spinoff, Cheers Freevee Name

Harry Bosch is back on the case – though a different kind – if Bosch: legacy hits Freevee (fka IMDb TV, Amazon’s free streaming hub) this Friday.

A spin-off of Prime Video’s seven-season adaptation of Michael Connelly’s Bosch novels, Bosch: legacy Titus Welliver reprises his role as the former LAPD detective, who finds work as a private detective here and there a year and a half after the events of the previous series’ finale. (Harry is Harry, he relies solely on word of mouth and will not give his number.)

Elsewhere, daughter Maddie (Madison Lintz) is about to face her first day as an LAPD rookie/”boat,” while family friend/legal eagle Honey “Money” Chandler (Mimi Rogers) battles for hedge fund slimeball Carl Rogers to get what befalls him, after he wreaked so much havoc – including trying to get her killed – in season 7.

As many joke since: Legacy was announced, Welliver says, “It’s less of a spin-off and more of a continuation. And if you’ve been following these characters over the years, it’s a natural progression.”

Indeed, danger will be no stranger to Bosch-as-PI, who in Episode 1 is courted by a billionaire (played by William Devane) for a quiet bit of snooping that promises to cause plenty of hackles.

Bosch: legacy will premiere Friday with the first four episodes, followed by weekly episodes of two at a time. TVLine spoke to Welliver about what’s new (and not) with Harry, a little reshuffle and his candid thoughts on the new name “Freevee”.

Bosch legacyTVLINE This is the obvious question, the easy one, but I thought you had a snappy answer by now. How is this not Bosch Season 8?
You know, it really is, eventually. But from a focal point, it’s not. Harry is not a cop. He’s not working with Edgar. The focus is a bit myopic than in the previous show. But it’s still the Bosch universe, and we push Maddie and Chandler to the side of Harry

TVLINE I have to imagine that, if I like Bosch until Bosch: legacy there was probably an exit in front of you, just in case you thought, “You know what? I’m fine.” What makes you want to keep playing this character? Are you like, “I to get this man”?
Yes. The nice consistency of this character is that he’s the same guy I looked at almost ten years ago now. I mean, he evolves in those seasons, but he always has a great moral compass. It’s very, very easy to continue playing a character who has that.

Bosch legacyTVLINE Speaking of evolving, who better to get used to their new reality – private detective Harry or LAPD rookie Maddie?
You know, I think they’re both really deep out at sea. I mean, Harry is untethered. He really is a Ronin, a master samurai, and as he watches his daughter evolve into the world of police work, he doesn’t want to give unsolicited advice. He waits a bit for her signal. Maddie is smart enough to know that she needs to be careful, so we can see them doing this weird kind of “dance” with how they communicate.

TVLINE Police work used to be real wake Harry up. Is he breathing easier these days? Do you think his blood pressure has dropped a bit?
No, I don’t think so at all. He’s a little bored, and it’s not like his desk is full of investigation files. He’s kind of inactive, and at the same time, Maddie is doing her thing, so we find him sort of “around the airport,” for lack of a better analogy.

Bosch legacyTVLINE And what is Honey Chandler all about in his job in the new show?
Well, they are old friends, and they have come to mutual understanding and respect. Harry is very, very aware of the fact that she went through this tremendous trauma [of being shot by a gunman hired by Carl Rogers]† He sees how she’s very vulnerable and broken and broken, so there’s genuine concern for her, and he’s not sure how to help her. So, when she comes to him and says “I want to bring you as my man” [investigator]’, he says, ‘Look, I’ll do anything for you, but don’t ask this of me.’

TVLINE I love that the Carl Rogers business isn’t done yet and that you keep pulling on that thread from the previous show.
They have to. It’s not enviable because Harry wants to lock that man up, but at the same time he doesn’t want to cross over to [Chandler’s] world. He is deeply confused and he will eventually navigate through that.

TVLINE Did I see a stealth recast of Carl Rogers (previously played by winning time‘s Max E. Williams)…? Is that Mark Derwin now?
Yeah yeah. I think there was a problem with availability or whatever, but it was a good choice, and he hit the. He’s great as Rogers. [Fun fact: One Life to Live alum Derwin in Bosch Season 1 played Captain Harvey Pounds.]

TVLINE On the way in Bosch: legacydo we get an occasional update on Jerry or Billets, one of the old gangs?
Yes, 100 percent. I can’t talk to it, but I’ll tell you, Yes

Bosch legacyTVLINE Talk a little bit about Stephen Chang’s (Artificial) character and his role in Harry’s new world.
Well, the character of Mo, beautifully played by Chang, is sort of like Harry’s Q. And if you know the Bond movies, Q is a guy who always has the gadgets and the answers for Bond. The difference is that Bond always seems to immediately adapt to what Q gives him, while Harry is, you know, a dinosaur. He’s annoyed and a little annoyed and confused, but Mo always pushes him through it. He is a great defender for Harry. And at the end of the day, they share this incredible encyclopedic knowledge and passion for jazz, which moves them towards a beautiful assimilation into that relationship.

Bosch Legacy DevaneTVLINE So I watch the first episode and bamthere’s William Devane (24† And Kate Burton (Scandal) Also occurs. Are the guest stars just going to keep popping up like this?
Yes, they will. And as for Devane, rolling thunder is one of my all-time favorite movies to say the least, so I’ve been a long-time fan and admirer of his. It was truly a dream come true to sit across from Bill at the table. And Kate and I have worked together before.

TVLINE Netflix has a new one Lincoln lawyer series [starring Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller] and the book they’re making, “The Brass Verdict,” was very Harry Bosch-heavy. Was there ever an outreach about, if even possible, that you show up on that show?
Well, we can’t, because of the [bifurcated] rights. Lincoln lawyer is at Netflix and Bosch is at Amazon, so they can’t cross-pollinate each other. But this is something we’ve all struggled with, and it goes both ways. We had to do the same on Bosch with the [Mickey] Haller character.

TVLINE Finally, can you say Freevee without cracking a smile?
It’s much easier than saying IMDb TV! I love Freevee, it’s great. You know, [Michael Connelly] and me, when we first [learned Bosch: Legacy would be on IMDb TV],,I said, ‘I can’t say that three times as fast. It’s worse than ‘she sells shells on the coast’. No, Freevee is easy. I also think the whole application of the fact that if you have Amazon Prime you can access Freevee is great because I actually watch a lot [shows] on IMDb TV, and I’m not even remotely bothered by commercials. I really don’t mind, because ‘Look, I’m 60 years old. I grew up watching network television. So I don’t mind commercials at all.

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