Uber driver helps robbed woman at Coachella

Becca Moore is a popular TikToker with over 800,000 followers who is known for her funny, laid-back approach to dating. Like any influencer type, she was recently at the Coachella music and arts festival in Indio, California. While in Coachella, she was robbed of her phone, car keys and wallet.

“I went to Coachella this weekend and I thought this guy was kind of bullying me, but then he just robbed me,” Becca says at the start of her three-minute TikTok video with over 3 million views. After the festival, she had no ride, money, or resources to connect with friends and family. She was stranded in the desert.

A friend of Becca’s hotel called her an Uber so she could go to a local store to buy a new phone. The driver she was incredibly lucky to be was much more than a man with a car in a time of need, he was a guardian angel named Raul Torres from Fresno, California, six hours north of Indio.


the uber driver who saved me from going missing is @buds4u559!! 😭 after spending the day with him, he told me that his daughter is a senior in high school and is having a hard time going through chemo. i made a gofundme, he could have left me and didn’t have to help me like he did! I would like to help his family to give his daughter a normal end to her senior year of high school this year (prom!!). I put it in my bio!!

“A normal Uber driver will take you to a place and drop you off there. He insisted on coming in with me and making sure I took a ride afterwards,” Becca said.

The store couldn’t get her a new phone because she couldn’t access her current plan. But Raul didn’t give up, so he took her to the local police station where they could locate the Airbnb where the thief was staying. The police let them into the room and they searched it, but couldn’t find the phone.

After the big disappointment, Becca and Raul decided to take a break from their search and refresh their minds with some margaritas, on Raul. “Just because he’s an angel on this earth,” Becca said in her TikTok video.

While the two bonded over drinks, Raul told Becca that his daughter had battled cancer and that’s why he worked as an Uber driver. “He told me all he wants is for his daughter to have a normal end of her senior year and be able to go to big events like prom and graduation,” Becca said.

Raul also revealed that his father also had cancer.

His revelations put Becca’s problems into perspective and made his decision to drop his driving for the day to help Becca all the more incredibly.

thank god he refused to leave me Raul’s tiktok is @buds4u559. you can also donate to the fam in my bio!! thank you all for your donations and generosity. you today, me tomorrow!! #TipsForRaul

After the last sips of their margaritas, Becca still didn’t know how to get home. But Raul didn’t give up. “We’ll get your phone,” he exclaimed. He drove her back to the thief’s Airbnb, where she found the phone on the outside gate. Becca thinks the robber left the phone after realizing the police were involved. Then Raul helped Becca with a rental car so she could go home. Before parting, the two had spent eight hours together.

“Raul ended his Uber service that morning to spend his day helping me, expecting nothing in return,” she said in her TikTok video. So she used her sizable audience to ask followers to contribute to a GoFundMe page for Raul and his family. In its first 4 days, the campaign raised over $144,000.

“When I was in the car with him, it seemed like we were both so focused on my situation. We were just talking about me getting a phone and liking things that didn’t matter. Dad were the ones who needed help had,” she admitted.

On Friday, April 29, Raul’s father passed away from cancer.

Becca and Raul’s story is a great reminder that no matter how big our problems seem, it’s always important to put them in perspective.

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