Being an Overwatch 2 support player sucks

Players supporting Overwatch 2 are having a hard time. As a one-off Moira trick, I’ve never had a particularly easy time in Overwatch 1 – the support role is certainly the most necessary and underrated component of competitive matches, and a single round can make five angry teammates angry. But players supporting Overwatch 2 feel the pain more than ever, thanks in large part to the new 5v5 composition that removes tanks from the equation. Moment Blizzard agreed that Overwatch 2’s support heroes need some loveyou won’t see much of a change unless the company does something bold but unlikely: a 6v6 reinstatement.

Emotional Support Healer

(Photo credit: Activision)

In Overwatch 2 beta 5v5 matches, players with a single tank often assume the “off-tank” role, meaning they play as tanks without shields. The Orisa (which was the main tank in Overwatch 1 with a foldout shield) has moved into the off-tank role thanks to a major overhaul that makes it much more aggressive and diving. As such, it’s a popular choice for tankers looking to test their new skill set – and it’s a ton of fun, so I understand its appeal. The same is true for Doomfist, which has undergone a major overhaul that moves him from DPS to defender (although he’s another hideous tank).

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