The devs of Halo Infinite comment on the issues of Season 2, plans to fix them

Spartans take part in the Aquarius shootout in the Rumble Pit playlist during the second season of Halo Infinite.

Screenshot: 343 Industries

An infinite halosecond seasonwhich was to be the much needed phoenix down, has a difficult beginning. Three days after implementation, the developer admitted his pitfalls, promising to “review the options.” Also: Every player gets free stuff.

An infinite halo, released last fall for Xbox and PC, is the first in Microsoft’s hit sci-fi shooter series to feature a multiplayer mode based on a seasonal free-to-play model. Like many games with a similar structure, this includes battle passthat you can go through by earning XP for completing challenges (tasks such as “Win two Capture the Flag matches in PvP”). Each new season includes a new Battle Pass.

Developer 343 Industries launched the second season of the game earlier this week. Update that is so biblical that it needs a table of contentsadded a lot of cool stuff to the game. Last Spartan Standing, a kind of battle royale-lite and King of the Hill are two bright points. The return of Attrition – a new game type that briefly hit the winter – is welcome, as are some new Slayer variants, Halostandard deathmatch. Two new maps have been added to the rotation (they completely rule) and it deserves a lot of praise for its new background music and cosmetic options.

But the update also missed in a couple of ways. Let’s break down the most important misfires:

  • First, the Last Spartan Standing challenges were not being tracked properly. Even though the game says you can preemptively leave matches without risking your progress in active challenges, some players have reported that their accounts do not reflect your progress.
  • Many transition techniques, popular with high-level players, have been removed from the game. While this was communicated in the patch notes, the severity of the cuts was unexpected.
  • The update also removed a few An infinite halo speedrunning exploits, including the possibility pilot a pelican dropship or equip a tank gun with unlimited ammo.
  • Moreover, after the patch, some guns now jam without warning. (Studio has he explained that it was unintentional and that repair is in progress.)

Feedback was fast and furious; for each praise for the new maps and modes, there were three more criticizing the overall changes. After that, 343 Industries released a number of fixes to improve the way Last Spartan Standing challenges are tracked. According to the study, the progress of the challenges should now be updated in more detail.

“We’ve seen feedback on the changes that have influenced the various multiplayer spikes and quick-launch campaign strategies.” Halo senior community manager John Junyszek he wrote on Twitter. “We haven’t got to the point yet where we can promise anything, but we want to be transparent and say that we are taking opinions seriously and reviewing options internally.”

It is unclear which specific speedrun jumps and exploits are currently being tested in the studio, or when a potential rollback could be triggered. When they reached for the comment, the representatives of 343 Industries had nothing to add right away.

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Next week, the Last Spartan Standing challenges are rumored to be easier. Moreover, you will earn for every completed one two levels on the “Interference” combat pass for a specific event, which is active until May 16 (works similar to passes from previous eventsso you can earn progress in this direction in combination with the Standard Battle Pass.)

As a gesture of goodwill, 343 Industries is giving away five interchangeable challenges (one-time items that allow you to swap one of the Weekly Challenges) and XP Boosts (one-time items that double the amount of XP you earn for challenges per hour) to anyone who logs in by May 16. Mine, no matter how much it’s worth, was automatically added to my account last night.

You can earn swaps and bonuses by going through Infinitecombat pass. You can also buy them from the microtransaction store: 200 credits (about $ 2) gives you two for each. In November, when feedback about the first season’s problems hit a fever, 343 Industries handed out the final award this week– a wonderful golden visor – for everyone who has played. Not a word yet if the same thing happens with the award this week.

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