Why am I really enjoying OnePlus 10 Pro

The dance between phones in my office never ends, partly because there’s always something new to test, but also because I’m never happy and always find something repulsive on every phone I use for more than a few days. That’s why you’ve probably seen the posts where we mention it this Samsung or this pixel it’s the one we keep coming back to, even if all the other supposedly better phones are available. This is another of those posts and is about OnePlus 10 Pro.

Since I finished my OnePlus 10 Pro review a month ago, this is probably what the phone has seen my SIM the most. I’ve danced between the Pixel 6 Pro (on Android 12 Beta builds), my iPhone 13 Pro (because I like MagSafe) and the regular Pixel 6 (Android 13!), But something pulls me back to the latest OnePlus high – phone end.

I know in my review I said it was a pleasure to use the phone, but there were concerns. I was put off by the strange software quirks baked in ColorOS – sorry, “OxygenOS”. I wanted more specs because who doesn’t want a full 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of memory that will never be used? The lack of wide media support was lame. Even the price made me wonder if this phone was an option alongside the Pixel 6 Pro for the same price.

The second thing that became evident while writing reviews and during my testing was the fact that I was constantly talking about how much I liked the OnePlus 10 Pro. This phone is really good, just from a usability point of view. In other words, it’s just great to stick, scroll, look and touch.

OnePlus might just make phones that OPPO hasn’t found application in this day and age, but they’re still excellent. The touch on this phone might be my favorite in recent years, over there with the Pixel 6 Pro. The display, while having slightly curved edges, is basically flat and amazing. The phone itself carries a good weight, without all the curved, nasty crap that other phones have. It’s a perfectly balanced phone, at least in my hand. Also, I will never complain about a phone with such an invoice and no fingerprints.

The software has all the things I need, such as a perfect always-on display, smoothness for days, levels to dark mode, startup with vertical scrolling (that’s a shot at Samsung), and a few other areas I can customize. I like that there is an extra set of options for the lock screen or home screen or status bar that you won’t find on Google, but not the overwhelming amount of bloating you’d find on Samsung’s One UI.

The camera is also quite solid and in my opinion on the verge of perfect. No, it’s not a low-light champ like the Pixel 6 Pro, but your boyfriend is not at the club taking photos on the weekends. My photo shoots are taken outside while hiking, in the park, to a soccer match or sitting on the patio at the brewery. In all of these situations, I find it great. It’s a camera I can trust and that’s important.

OnePlus 10 Pro

Of course, not everything is perfect with the OnePlus 10 Pro. There are still annoying software problems with notifications on the lock screen, interactions with notifications and it seems to be Android 11, not Android 12. The situation with the update will be worse than with Google or Samsung phones – there is no way around it.

But again, speaking only from an everyday usage point of view, this phone is excellent in many ways. And trust me, I’m constantly looking for reasons to switch to another phone because that’s how my brain functions after 12 years of doing it. I have changed, changed and changed in the last weeks. However, this phone call convinces me.

Does that mean you should buy one for $ 899 and with only 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage? Ooooh, that remains a difficult call. For most people, I’d probably say you should consider pausing a bit to see if the rumors of a real OnePlus flagship later this year are true. This phone is great, and I think everyone will enjoy it, but if there’s more in the not-too-distant future, it’s worth the hold. Either that or wait to see if the 12GB-256GB model arrives here for under $ 1,000.

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