Hopefully the Xbox and Bethesda showcase has some big surprises

With the cancellation of E3 this year, a fairly significant gap has appeared in the gaming industry’s schedule. Over the past few years, however, more and more publishers have begun to drop out of E3 entirely and instead host their own demos on their own terms. So this year things may not change because Xbox and Bethesda’s presentationalong with Summer Games Fest and other publisher-specific demos should help fill this gap.


Based on the teasers released so far, it seems that the upcoming Xbox and Bethesda reveal on June 12 will focus on Bethesda’s long-awaited showdown. Starfieldto be released at the end of the year. Together with Starfieldfans will likely also see the 4-person co-op vampire shooter from Arkane Redfalland some more information and disclosures about already confirmed titles. But the big-name gaming convention would be nothing without a few surprises, and Xbox and Bethesda’s Showcase will likely have a few disclosures up their sleeve.

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Some possible Xbox and Bethesda Showcase surprises

The Xbox and Bethesda showcase is currently expected to be around 90 minutes in length, which is quite lengthy, but also on par with the last few presentations. And if the last few display cases are something to go through, a significant amount of games should be visible. While some of the upcoming Xbox and Bethesda games are some hits that will be released at one point in the showcase, there are a few games that fans haven’t heard of in a long time, or that fans don’t really know anything about. MachineGames is coming Indiana Jones the title is one such game.

Confirmed in January 2021, Wolfenstein MachineGames developer is working on a brand new one Indiana Jones title, and fans haven’t heard anything official since. As there is no general release date available, it seems unlikely to be a new one Indiana Jones The game was expected to appear in the upcoming Xbox and Bethesda show, but that would be a big surprise.

New games for Xbox and Bethesda Showcase

Xbox and Bethesda’s Showcase may also reveal some titles that fans don’t know yet. New Fall for example, the game would be a huge surprise to many as there was virtually no rumor or speculation about the next entry in the post-apocalyptic franchise. Third main line Wolfenstein the entry would also be a nice surprise, especially with Wolfenstein: Youngblood not fully meeting the expectations of fans and leaving the series sour. Offering fans just a short fierce about another BJ Blazkowicz-led adventure could be a smart move for publishers.

Xbox and Bethesda Showcase may even bring some completely left surprises, possibly finally confirming long-standing rumors Golden Eye 007 redo. There have been a lot of leaks around over the past year Golden Eye remake, including a leak from the Xbox achievements list, so it may make sense to finally get revealed at this year’s Xbox Bethesda Showcase.

Some high-profile Xbox Game Pass surprises may also find their way to the Xbox and Bethesda’s Showcase tabs. With Game Pass being such a key service for Xbox these days, it makes sense that he would like to continue to put it first, alongside new game disclosures. Some of the surprises revealed as part of Game Pass may include recent blockbusters such as Ghostwire: Tokyo and even some of the last Call of Duty entries to build buzz on Modern Warfare 2.

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