Organization | [Master Duel] May 9 update

Jeju, it developed quickly.

First, the new banned / restricted list announced two weeks ago is now available.

Second, we’ve received a sizable update on some of the current and future content. Since they edited some content in the files before, let’s stick to what we can see now:
-New animations have been added
Abyss Actor – Superstar
Armed Dragon Thunder LV10
Armytile the Chaos Phantasm – The Phantom of Fury
Bujintei Susanowo
Heavenly Lord of the Knights of Parshat
Danger! Nessie!
Flower Cardian Moonflower
The Skull King of the Petrified Warrior
Geomathmech Final Sigma
Ghostrick Alucard
Marincess, Miracle Heart
Mayosenju Daibak
Neptyda, the Holy Flame
C88 Number: Gimmick Puppet Disaster Leo
C101 Number: Silent Honor DARK
Courageous penguin
Protecting Loagaeth’s spirit
Rainbow Dragon
Reptilianne Echidna
Ruddy Rose Dragon
Equalize the strength of S
Starry Night, Starry Dragon
voivode of vampires
Windwitch – Diamond Bell
Yuki-Onna, the Absolute Zero Mayakashi

The new summoning animation cards are:
Destiny HERO – Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer
Lord of heavenly prison
Swordsoul Supreme Sovereign – Chengying
Ukiyoe – The amazing PUNK dragon

Additionally, the following spell and trap cards have an animation that plays after resolving them:
Strikethrough marking
Harpy feather duster
Imperial Order
Infinite impermanence (by briefly selecting the entire column if it was set)
Red restart
Skills drain
The Solemn Court

Some visual effects such as shuffle / reveal animations have been improved.
– Bulk generation feature for all cards that are not in your deck list, provided you have enough crafting points.
– Improved Solo / Missions / Duel screens.
– Added “Short” option until duel in duel rooms.
– If you did not have a card saved in your deck, the status will be updated when you re-enter the deck edit screen.
-More importantly, Mokey Mokey (and possibly a few other inferior colleagues) now has an extra animation if you poke him during a duel while he gets mad.

-Many existing bugs and problems were also dealt with.

-The new gem pack is available up to 3 times per player until June 10 (time zones apply).

-New Solo Mode Gates:

The rewards for these gates are: 3 copies of each Life Rope, Escape from the Dark Dimension, Dark Illusion and Dark Sacrifice. 150 EARTH spheres, 150 DARK spheres, danger !? Jackalop? buddy, danger! Nessie! icon and 200 gems.

Duel Training: “Gate that combines the existing” Duel Strategy “and the new” Duel Strategy 2. ” In “Duel Strategy 2” you can practice the rules for which we have received many inquiries, as well as various techniques useful in duels. “
The rewards for these gates are: 3 copies of each Emperor’s Mausoleum, Mine of Destiny, Massive Fire, Interdimensional Matter Transpoter, Ghosts from the Past, Rock Spirit, Performapal Bubblebowwow, Linkerbell and Puzzlomino, Drop-n-Deleter. 100 gems and a buddy from the Book of the Moon.

-New selection packages
Improved Blade: “Kill your opponents with the Synchro Summoning archetype” Swordsoul “or command both Sycnrho and Summon Fusion on the eone Deck with the archetype” PUNK “. Both are new and available now! Destiny HERO and Monsters Despia aren’t all new and exciting! Also, be sure to watch out for fresh fusion monsters and other monsters that will empower other archetypes like “Dritron” and “Ursarctic”!


NOTE: Ra’ten the Heavenly General is a TCG Launch Card added before the OCG Launch, so this opens up the possibility that other TCG Releases will do the same.


Fusion Potential: “Get cards that are great for fusion summons and cards that help them! This pack contains archetypes that excel at summoning Fusions, and archetypes in which Fusion Monsters are their best monsters, such as Duel Avatar, Predaplant, and Ritual Beast! Strengthen your Fusion Summoning Deck today! “
* This pack is a selection pack that only contains existing cards and does not contain newly added cards.




-New structure deck: cybernetic successor
“From” Cyberdark “monsters such as” Cyberdark End Dragon “to” Cyberdark “monsters such as” Cyberdark Dragon “, use Fusion cards to wield tremendous power!”
NOTE: “Cards that become available for the first time in the Structure deck or otherwise, with the exception of the Core Packs, will be marked as” Pre-order Cards “. They cannot be generated. You’ll be able to generate pre-order cards once they’re in the main packs. “


The Structure Deck costs 500 gems and can be purchased up to 3 times.

-New cosmetics added to the store:
Duel Field: The Realm of Danger!
Price: 600 gems

Protector: WIND and FIRE
Price: 100 gems each

“Protectors that illustrate the fervent storm of the WIND attribute. Perfect for those who always want to duel freely and spontaneously. “

“Protectors that illustrate the design showing the burning eagerness of the FIRE attribute. Perfect for those who always strive for a passionate duel. ”

Icon: Fallen of Albaz and Thunder Dragon – Colossus
Price: 50 gems each

“Icon depicting a young man with dragon powers. After crossing paths with a young woman, he embarked on a long journey that lasted many days and many nights… Through the trials he struggled with, he became wiser and stronger ”.

“An icon representing the Thunder Dragon that has evolved from the power of thunder soaked in darkness. The sight of his four spread wings is truly terrifying. ”

– The “Fusion Festival” event and its F / L list

The Fusion Festival event will run from May 12-23 (time zones apply).

The list of forbidden / restricted events will be as follows:
All synchronous monsters
All monsters of Xyz
All the monsters from the links

Archlord Kristya
Multifaker altergeista
Abyss Barrier Statue
Drought barrier statue
Heaven’s Barrier Statue
Hell Barrier Statue
Storm Barrier Statue
A statue of a pipe barrier
Contact “C”
The Dark Lord of the Nurse Reficule
Dogmatika Ecclesia, virtuous
Dragon Slayer Sword of Destruction
Million Eater
Exodia Forbidden
Fairy Tail – Luna
Fossil Dyna Pachycefalo
Devourer of fusion
Trash Lord
Ghostrick skeleton
Giant Cossacks
Gizmek Orochi, Serpentron Sky Slash
Jowgen is a spiritualist
Broken Knight Iblee
Vicious Mech – Goku En
Sephylon, Lord of the End Time
The guru of deception
The devil of vanity
Lord of the vanity
Zaborg Mega Monarch
Zap mustung

Amorfactor Pain, Dracoverlord of Imagination
The blue-eyed Chaos MAX Dragon
Cyber ​​Angel Benten
Evigishki Gustkraken
Gishki Zielgigas
A harbinger of excellence
Herald of the Ultimate
Unicore necrosis

Chain strike
Domain of True Monarchs
Final countdown
Kaiju’s sleep is interrupted
Jackpot 7
Lair of Darkness
Nadir the servant
Kaleidoscope Necrosis
Performapal Popperup
A pot of extravagance
A pot of prosperity
Stormforth Monarchs
A white veil

Anti-fusion device
Red Lotus Applicator
Bad reaction to Simochi
Million Banquet
Chain breakage
Chthonic polymer
DD Dynamite
A dark contract with eternal darkness
Destiny Board
Destruction of Destiny
Dimensional barrier
Dogmatic punishment
Extinction on schedule
Forbidden apocrypha
The Tomb of the Super Ancient Organism
Imperial Order
Incorrect polymerization
Non-fusion area
Select the dash
Soul Relay
Probability of success 0%
The void of vanity
Warning point

Dinomight Knight, a true Dracofighter
Dritron Meteoneis Draconids
Eldlich the Golden Lord
Majesty Main, a true Dracocaster
Time Lord Michion
Planet Pathfinder

Megalit Phul

Hippo carnival
Super Hippo Carnival

Ghostly spiral battle
Skills drain
Summoning limit

Partially Limited:
Raphion, the ruler of time

Scene of the chief generaider

The following borrower decks will be available during the event:
Convergent illusion of destiny

“This deck is designed to combine the monsters” Destiny HERO “and” Vision HERO “, making use of the strengths of each of the” HERO “archetypes. The Fusion Monsters in the Extra Deck, including “Destiny HERO – Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer”, have a wide variety of effects and fusion materials are required. Summon the right “HERO” for the occasion and make your destiny a victory! ”

Heart of Heaven with Perse Clouds

“This deck is designed to Summon Fusions using the monsters ‘Fluffal’ and ‘Edge Imp’. Some “Fluffal” monsters, such as “Fluffal Dolphin”, have effects that can be activated if sent to the Graveyard as fusion summoning material. If you use them, a group of fusion monsters will appear in no time!

Riding dragon devouring pleasure

This deck is designed to summon fusions with the monsters of Predaplant. Placing predator tokens makes Predaplant monsters even more deadly, so try to use them wisely. Be greedy and use card effects such as “Predaplant Chlamydosundew” to use even your opponent’s monsters as materials to summon Fusion! ”

Prizes for the event include Gems up to the threshold of 11,000 medals, the Fusion Prize Package, Tickets from 12,000 medals to the threshold of 21,000 medals, mate Instant Fusion for 5,500 medals, and the Fusion Festival 2022 title for 22,000 medals.

-Finally, to celebrate the three-month anniversary, three login missions have been added that reward 500, 300 and 200 gems for a total of 1000 gems. Remember to log in properly before June 10.

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