The monkeypox outbreak erupts across Europe as cases in Spain and Italy go back to the island’s festival with 80,000 partygoers

MONKEYPOX cases in Spain and Italy have been located at an island festival attended by 80,000 partygoers.

Authorities are trying to stop an outbreak that has erupted across Europe and beyond, with 92 confirmed cases and dozens more suspicious.


The Gran Canaria festival has been linked to cases of smallpoxCredit: Alamy
About 80,000 people attended the Maspalomas festival


About 80,000 people attended the Maspalomas festivalCredit: Alamy
To date, a total of 145 cases of confirmed or suspected smallpox have been reported outside of endemic Africa.


To date, a total of 145 cases of confirmed or suspected smallpox have been reported outside of endemic Africa.

Cases of smallpox from the monkey in the UK they have doubled in just one week after a total of 20 cases were reported.

And doctors have warned that the number will increase significantly as the virus spreads across Europe and into the US, Canada and Australia.

Spain now has the highest number of infections, outside of places in Africa where the virus is endemic, with more than 50 known cases.

Authorities are now investigating a festival in Gran Canaria after it was linked to a series of cases in Madrid, Tenerife and Italy.

Experts say monkeypox patients could be infectious for up to FOUR WEEKS

The Canary Pride festival, held in the town of Maspalomas between 5 and 15 May, has become a hot spot for the monkey’s smallpox outbreak, reports El País.

The massive party was attended by more than 80,000 people, including three Italian men who later tested positive for the virus.

A health source told the newspaper: “Among the thirty diagnosed in Madrid, there are several who attended the event, although it is not yet known if one of them is the zero patient of this outbreak. or if they were all infected. ”

Public health services are currently investigating whether there were any more infections during the celebrations, including a suspicious case detected in Tenerife.

The three Italians were admitted to the Spallanzani Institute of Infectious Diseases in Rome.

The director of the center, Francesco Vaia, said: “These are three young people who say they have not had contact with each other, although two of them say that they have recently traveled to the Canary Islands.”

Experts have warned that while monkeypox is not a sexually transmitted disease, it can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact during sex.

Many known patients are gay men who were tested after going to STI clinics, the WHO said.

Health officials warned gay and bisexual men to be on the lookout for unexplained new eruptions.

Spain also has another point of infection for the smallpox of the monkey called Sauna Paraíso, in the Malasaña district of Madrid.

The sauna was closed on Friday by the Ministry of Health.

Other communities continued to report more cases, such as Andalusia, Galicia, Catalonia, the Basque Country and Extremadura.


Cases have now been detected in Israel, Norway, Australia, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States and Canada.

New York health officials are investigating a possible case of monkeypox after a patient tested positive for the family of viruses associated with the rare disease, state health officials said Friday afternoon.

The unidentified patient is isolated and treats the case as positive pending confirmation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

New York City public health officials previously said they were investigating two potential cases of monkeypox.

One of the cases was ruled out while the second was positive for orthopoxvirus and had a monkeypox compatible disease, the department said.

Norway, meanwhile, has begun searching for possible cases of smallpox in the capital Oslo, the country’s Public Health Institute said on Saturday.

“A foreigner who visited Oslo on May 6-10, after returning home, has been confirmed to be infected,” FHI said.

Swiss health officials have also reported the first case of smallpox in the country in a person living in the canton of Bern.

The Bernese health authority said the patient had been treated as a visiting case and was now isolated at home. All those who had contacted him had been informed, he added in a statement.

“As far as we know, the affected person was exposed to the virus abroad,” the statement added.

Israel reported its first confirmed case of smallpox on Saturday, a 30-year-old man who had returned from a trip to Western Europe, according to Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center – Ichilov, where he is in quarantine. and in a mild state.

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Smallpox is a rare disease, most cases are found in Africa.

Doctors have urged people to be alert for signs, which may include fever, headaches, swelling, aches, chills and exhaustion.

The virus has spread to Europe in recent weeks5

The virus has spread to Europe in recent weeksCredit: AP
Smallpox can cause flu-like symptoms such as rashes, headaches and fever.


Smallpox can cause flu-like symptoms such as rashes, headaches and fever.Credit: Reuters

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