Vanguard & Warzone Reloaded season 3 new content revealed: Underground Transit System, new Warzone items, more

Reloaded of Vanguard and Warzone Pacific season 3 is expected to be released on May 25, and the new Season 3 Reloaded content plan has given a glimpse of what players can expect.

Vanguard and Warzone Season 3 Reloaded is just around the corner, and the mid-season update will bring players plenty of new content. Warzone players in particular have tons of exciting new features that they are waiting for.

A new LTM mode is coming to Reloaded Season 3, along with the new Rebirth Island feature, the new Warzone Perk, and some new items that are sure to shake up Battle Royale. Here’s a rundown of the Vanguard and Warzone content coming with the Season 3 Reloaded update.

Vanguard Season 3 content refreshed

Kim Tae – young operator

The last member of Task Force Harpia will strike Vanguard and Warzone on May 25. Her favorite weapon is the new H4 Blixen submachine gun, so if you want to level up your weapons as quickly as possible, you’ll want to fight as Kim Tae Young.

The masked figure has a reputation as a folk hero and guardian of justice. To unlock Kim Tae Young in Season 3 Reloaded, players must purchase her bundle.

H4 Blixen SMG

H4X Blixen Vanguard and Warzone Season 3 Reloaded

Vanguard players will be able to test the new SMG when Reloaded Season 3 content goes live on May 25. The developers explained that the H4 Blixen is the perfect machine gun for medium-range shooting.

It’s actually a slow-firing submachine gun, and the developers even compare it to Owen’s gun. If the comparisons prove to be correct, the H4 Blixen could be just as deadly in Warzone.

If the H4 Blixen can rival Owen’s pistol, he could take over the SMG meta, but the makers warn of a difficult recoil pattern. Nevertheless, you can check out our guide on how to unlock the H4 Blixen if you want to test your weapon after the update.

A new map of the Sfera Avant-garde

Map of Sphere Vanguard

As teased in the Season 3 Update, Vanguard players will get a brand new map to enjoy alongside Mayh. Sphere is an underground weapons laboratory with many floors to explore.

“Operators best able to navigate the various ins and outs between the upper and lower environments are likely to have an advantage in combat, no matter what mode.”

Warzone Season 3 content refreshed

The Vanguard Serpent skill will appear in Warzone

Warzone Runner Runner in Season 3

After the Classified Arms Reloaded update, Serpentine will be available as Perk 1 in Warzone Pacific. The profit is described as follows:

“Sprint reduces damage from projectiles, explosives and fire by 20%.”

This perk is designed to counter sniper rifles with one shot, killing players from a considerable distance. If you are using the Serpentine Perk and are actively moving, even a Long Range Sniper cannot kill you until you react.

The Snake Gauge allows the Shooter to know when to hit someone with the Snake Perk equipped.

The Underground Transit System in Warzone Season 3 Reloaded

Undergound Transit System Warzone Season 3 Reloaded

Warzone Classified Arms Reloaded will introduce a new way to travel around the Caldera. Players will soon be able to travel around the island in an underground mine cart. The mode of transport only takes a few seconds before reaching your next destination.

In other words, this new, lightning-fast way to travel the caldera can change the way you turn and plan your victory. There will be 14 access points for players to discover on the map, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the locations.

Initiates can use light and sound cues to find out if the enemy is on the other side or if a circle collapses will engulf the target soon. As with most situations, a green light means it’s safe. Anything else could mean a potential danger, and if the indicator is off and gas is flowing through the vents, it means you can’t travel to that place.

New Warzone items

The Hold Gulag Warzone season 3

Gulag entry token

The Gulag Entry Token will give players another chance to enter the Gulag.

“If you die while holding the Gulag entry token, you will be sent back to the Gulag, and you will not have to be redeemed or eliminated from the game.”

Re-deploy the extraction token

A redeploy token is an item that “provides automatic redeployment without visiting the Gulag or buying back at a collection point.”

According to the developers, the Extraction Deploy token is quite a rare find, so don’t expect to find it in every match.

The Warzone operator works

Speed ​​increase

This item will automatically provide players with a temporary movement boost when picked up. Players who love to finesse their enemies with movement should pay attention to the speed acceleration.

We apologize

“The Radar Jammer is a field upgrade that scrambles the tactical map of enemy players and prevents a kill streak for anyone within a short radius.”

Players will need to find a creative application for this powerful field enhancement that may prove indispensable in the late game.

High-value loot zones

It looks like Operation Monarch was used to test high-value loot zones across the caldera, as this feature is now coming to standard Battle Royale games. These high-risk, high-reward locations are sure to get your blood flowing.

You can see where these areas are by opening your tactical map or by looking at your minimap. This is one of the ways the developers want to give players more ways to access rare items and cash, which will lead to quick inventory.

Caldera Master LTM

impregnable rocks in the caldera brewed

Champion of Caldera will act as an LTM for solo players. Champion of Caldera LTM will be available on May 25 and will feature 150 players in the lobby.

As the name suggests, the goal is fairly simple: earn the title of Master Caldera as your own. Fortunately, players will start the match with custom equipment, a gas mask, and a single extraction displacement token.

If you’re looking for a high-octane and fast Solo playlist, you’ll want to try Champion of Caldera.

“Kills in this mode instantly replenish the player’s health, equipment and ammunition, encouraging potential Champions to play aggressively and eliminate rivals directly for the best chance of victory.”

Rebirth Island Occupation Scan An in-game event

It looks like Rebirth Island players will need to stay on a high level of vigilance in the coming weeks with the introduction of new mechanics that may reveal your position to enemies.

“At some point during standard Rebirth Resurgence matches, operators may be notified of an occupation scan. At this point they will have to fall, otherwise their position will be revealed to every other player on the Tac map and minimap. ”

The Season 3 Reloaded blog also teased the mysterious Rebirth Island event that could come out during Season 3, and we may have to wait until Season 4 with this exciting content.

For more information on Warzone and Vanguard, check out when the next Vanguard & Warzone Pacific Double XP event is taking place.

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Image Source: Activision

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