In Rare Interview Kate Bush Talks About ‘Stranger Things’ And Reveals The Meaning Of ‘Running Up That Hill’

In Rare Interview Kate Bush Talks About ‘Stranger Things’ And Reveals The Meaning Of ‘Running Up That Hill’

After “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” received its long-awaited blooms – giving Kate Bush her first number 1 single in the UK since 1978 and her first top 10 in the US – the famed private singer has her first recorded interview in six years. The song’s resurgence, of course, was due to its prominent role in Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things.”

Bush spoke to Emma Barnett of Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 about the success of her 37-year-old classic.

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†[‘Stranger Things’] is such a great series, I thought the track would get some attention. But I just never thought it would turn out like this,” Bush said at the start of the conversation. “It’s so exciting. But it’s actually quite shocking, isn’t it? I mean, the whole world has gone crazy.”

After the fourth season premiere of the sci-fi show, “Running Up That Hill” became the best-selling and most-streamed title in the US. set in the late 1980s. Looking back on the era, Bush tells Barnett that those years were a “great time” with some “great music,” but adds, “It’s an incredibly exciting time we’re in right now,” referring to the evolution of technology. and the discovery of the new generation of rail.

In an unintentionally comedic moment in the interview, Barnett points to the star’s imprint on TikTok. “Do you know anything about WitchTok, a subset of TikTok?” she asks Bush. “It’s inspired by ‘Babooshka’ and your look in that video. There is a whole load of people who are very committed to you in that space. Do you know anything about that?”

With a fit of laughter, Bush replies, “No, I won’t. It sounds ridiculous.”

With the revival of the 1985 classic, Bush has become increasingly popular with younger listeners. that “probably” [has older listeners] I feel kind of protective right now,” Barnett says, “especially when some of their kids say, ‘Have you heard of Kate Bush?’ They say, “Uh yes, very much.”

“I really like when people hear a song and get what they want out of it,” Bush replies. “But originally [‘Running Up That Hill’] was written as the idea of ​​a man and a woman bartering with each other. Just to feel what it was like, from the other side,” she says. Bush also announced that her label was concerned about the song’s original title (“A Deal With God”), so they changed it to “Running Up That Hill”.

Bush says she rarely listens to her older music and hasn’t heard the song for “a very long time,” but thanks the Duffer Brothers for taking the song and doing something new with it.

“I think they put it in a really special place. I mean, the Duffer Brothers made the series and actually we watched it from the first season, so I was already familiar with the series. And I thought what a beautiful way to use the song in such a positive way – you know, as a kind of talisman, almost, for Max. And yes, I find it very moving actually.”

Bush compared the show to the Harry Potter movies: “Where in those early movies they were just little kids, and as the movie went on, it got heavier and darker. And those little kids turn into really talented, young, grown-up actors. And you have a different connection to something that has moved over the years by actually seeing them grow.”

In her own way, Bush gave little detail about what her life is like right now, but did add, “Gardening is my thing now.”

You can hear the full Woman’s Hour episode and more on Radio 4 weekdays at 10am local time and on BBC Sounds – unfortunately only in the UK

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