Neon white – zero punctuation

Neon white – zero punctuation

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Oh yahtzee, you should do Diablo Immortal. It’s a bit boring, and the camera is approaching too close, and it is also the most insidious work of evil that has ever been squeezed from the black, thorny anus Beelzeblzzard. It seems that you already know what you think about it, viewers. Why would I be miserable all week just to reformulate my grounded opinion through prism jokes and gradually turn the title into something dismissive. Let’s say, let’s list all the things I would call Diablo Immortal, Diablo Immororal, Diablo Impoverishment, Diablo Income Statement, Diablo In A Gadda Da Vida Baby. Now let’s move on and try to spread some much-needed positivity instead. And you know what makes me feel positive: new independent games that I haven’t heard about before, but I really like. The Escapist has a shared list of games to check out of which I always try to steal the tastiest carrots before the 3MR guys sober up on Monday morning, and Neon White caught my eye when it described itself as a first person shooter. And I’m becoming more and more interested in speedrunners, mostly because I feel like someone has to keep an eye on these people before an unexpected shortage of Mountain Dew comes along and they burn all our cities down.

I po zagraniu, tak, przypuszczam, że możesz nazwać Neon White strzelanką pierwszoosobową, ponieważ jest to pierwsza osoba i strzelasz do rzeczy, ale wrogowie nie mogą się poruszać i mają całą dynamiczną charakterystykę przeszkód na torze sprinterskim. Tak naprawdę jest to platformówka z łamigłówkami z perspektywy pierwszej osoby, w której na każdym poziomie wyzwaniem jest wydedukowanie najszybszej drogi, aby rozbić wszystkie obowiązkowe zabójstwa i trafić do wyjścia. Unikalna mechanika rozgrywki polega na tym, że zbierasz karty z bronią, które albo strzelasz w zwykły, nudny sposób z broni palnej, albo wyrzucasz, aby użyć jakiegoś rodzaju mocy przechodzenia unikalnej dla tej broni – pistolet zapewnia podwójny skok, a karabin doskok w powietrzu, wyrzutnia rakiet ma hak, co oznacza, że ​​gdyby również dozowała smak koktajlu z krewetek z rękojeści, to oficjalnie nie potrzebowałbym niczego innego w życiu. I na pewno widzę linię prowadzącą do sedna tego pomysłu. There is something really cool, if not terribly environmentally friendly, about throwing away used weapons in the middle of the action scene. Jak w scenie lobby w pierwszym filmie Matrix, albo ten koleś z Overwatch, który prawdopodobnie ma przy sobie więcej zapasowych broni niż wydział własności w amerykańskim liceum.

Why do weapons have to be presented as cards I’m a little less clear about; Perhaps, if you can somehow describe yourself as a “card fighter”, then you have the right to a tax relief on the government of independent games. And the last ingredient is a visual novel (spit). No, it’s okay I suppose. It is good to spread intensive challenges related to speedrunning with a bit of downtime spending time with some anime characters, and more specifically characters from an internet comic drawn by a first -year student who watches too much anime. I don’t hate this story, it’s just a bit … youth, I think. You play a nervous guy in a suit with too many stripes, on which Steve Blum is in his cowboy Bebop hat, which once belonged to the Crime Gang, which was more active in the model of the Best Friends Club in the tree house and consisted of standard swamps of standard archetypes: Lazy idiot friend, hot girl, loud girl. A loud girl presenting the usual, somewhat reckless student definition of madness in the Web network: she likes violence, has stared eyes and generally behaves like a manic twelve -year -old, whose head has recently been trapped in the dispenser with jelly beans.

Still, at least the plot is fairly easy to grasp. Our hero, White, named after his favorite Beatles album, is dead and in purgatory, but he and his chromatic companions have been summoned to heaven because they are like the best treehouse club doing crime and are needed to fight off the demon invasion and whoever does the best job will stay in heaven as God’s personal rat catcher. A lot of Neon White gives me the atmosphere of Suda51. Positive tone, visual style, great theme, the way each character is a super cool killer because Suda51 apparently doesn’t realize that there are other works out there, it’s just history and writing that have that slightly eye-rolling mood. Wannime is when something non-Japanese influences the look of Japanese anime to save you a dictionary trip, and when I looked at the developers to confirm that they weren’t Japanese I found the lead designer was Ben Esposito, the guy who created Donut County and a few other things, but which I remember mostly because his last name would be a really good name for a spaceship. “Captain, we have confirmation that the Andromeda plague larvae have completely taken over Esposito Station.”

But I have a digression. I repeat, it did not bother me in the anime, even if sometimes you can physically feel that this is a constant longing for reaching the episode on the beach. In fact, I felt motivated to find all the hidden gifts at every level to unlock any additional conversation. This is not a complex relationship system; Each character has only one gift he likes. Personally, if I got nineteen bottles of perfumes, I would treat it as a trench from my personal hygiene, but this really caused that the interest of hot girls in several meanings of this expression. Not that I was looking for time to find hidden gifts and a golden star at each level just to moisten the wedge of a fictitious character. I did it because it was fun. In addition, there are additional levels of challenges that can only be obtained from relationships, and this meant even more fun for me. GAME. F, U, N. provides cheerfulness or entertainment. Check it out, the game industry. In the era of raging Jimina Cockroatism, I explained again and again that I have much more time for the game, which focuses on doing one thing well than on a poured, redesigned spunk salads, which are trying to satisfy the players of shooting and steal players and individual players at the same time, Multiple players and players who just want to sit in the corner, pushing ants into the nose.

Neon White’s basic gameplay loop isn’t complicated, but it’s fun, cleansing, and challenging, and the visual novel fragments don’t interrupt it as much as they provide the necessary breaks so you can get your breath back and sip your Gatorade. And the game is nicely focused on the intended speedrunning experience. Perhaps sometimes it was the fault. I may have appreciated a few slightly more casual levels that focus more on stylish demon shooting than following one very specific linear path to the end, but Neon White wants to be a more fast-paced puzzle game than a shooter, and that’s fine. May more of us be so sure of what we want. Sit in my hairdressing chair and say “Cut the buzzing number three!” and I say “Yes sir!” Better than games that come and go “Oh I don’t know, shorten half of my head and twist the other half and paint the top part green and the bottom part a color of your choice to have a sense of personal ownership of my hairstyle.” And then I say, “Bitch, don’t come here with your total indecision and say it’s for my benefit. Do not push me half of the pineapple into my pen and call it to cleanse the juice.

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