Holland America Line Update Requirements for Most Cruises

Following similar moves last week by sister cruise lines Cunard Line, P&O Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line, and Princess Cruises, Holland America Line has announced dramatic relaxations to its pre-cruise health and safety protocols, allowing vaccinations Pre-cruise testing for passengers has stopped. Most sailors.

All of these cruise lines are under the same corporate umbrella, Carnival Corporation and plc, so the similarity in their updated policies and timing of their announcements is not surprising.

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Booked for vaccinated guests until September 6, 2022 Holland America Line Cruises will no longer be required to present a negative pre-cruise COVID-19 test in order to set sail. The new guidelines, while not quite universal, make cruises a lot less complicated for most travelers.

“Our guests are excited to return to cruises, and these changes will make it easier for more guests to explore the world in a safe and enjoyable environment,, said Gus Antorcha, president of Holland America Line. “The new, simplified protocols recognize the evolving nature of COVID-19, while ensuring that we protect the health of our guests, team members and the communities we visit.”

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Until now, all guests 2 years of age and older were required to submit a negative test result before sailing. However, the new guidelines are not universal, and potential guests should consider whether their individual sailors still require pre-cruise testing.

Where Are Tests Still Required?

While this is indeed welcome news for test-weary travelers and those eagerly awaiting a more return to normalcy in cruising, there are itineraries that require pre-cruise testing.

Currently, all cruises traveling to Australia, Canada and Greece must test passengers before setting sail.

In an abundance of caution, Holland America Line still requires pre-cruise tests for all passengers on sailings of 16 nights or more, as well as on select routes with more unique routes such as Panama Canal transits or transatlantic crossings. . Since these cruises are typically longer than 16 nights in advance, guests booked on such exceptional sailings will still have to take pre-cruise testing.

Cells allowed without vaccination

In another update to health and safety protocols, guests who are unable to vaccinate for medical, religious, or other personal reasons can once again cruise with Holland America Line on sailings of less than 16 nights.

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Prior to this update, all guests 12 years of age and older were required to be fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to sailing.

However, unvaccinated guests will still have to present a negative antigen or PCR test result before being presented. Tests can be done up to 72 hours before sailing.

Why so many changes?

it has become one Tidal wave of change from several cruise lines in recent daysBecause various cruise lines have been waiving testing and vaccination requirements since the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Ended COVID-19 program for cruise ships in mid-July – Less than a month ago.

With that program ending, the CDC further loosened guidelines for testing, quarantining, social distancing and contact tracing on August 11, allowing cruise lines to review their own health and safety protocols and adapt to their needs. Permission has been granted to update Aadhaar.

While all cruise lines strive to protect the health and safety of their passengers, crew members, and port communities, it is also businesses that need to protect their bottom line as well.

With so much dismay since the industry first closed in March 2020, removing further hurdles imposed by testing and vaccination mandates opens cruises to travelers who take more than 28 months to set sail. were not able or willing.

However, all cruise passengers should remain in close contact with their cruise line regarding updates to protocols as their sailing date nears, as further changes, even reinstatement of mandates, may be made if deemed necessary. Maybe with a little advance notice.

In addition, cruise lines must remain in compliance with the guidelines of the ports they visit, and if there are regional changes, protocols will be updated once again. holland america cruise ship

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