NFL Blitz Legends arcade cabinet coming soon – no late hits

The NFL Blitz, the faster, more aggressive and shattering version of NFL football that took the arcades by storm in the late ’90s, will be making a comeback this year – in the form of an arcade display case. But the surprising resurgence of Blitz by furniture maker Arcade1Up will also reflect the sensibilities of the modern NFL.

“The NFL took the idea because [NFL Blitz] he was loved by the fans, ”Davin Sufer, chief technology officer at Arcade1Up told Polygon. But if they were going to re-release the three most memorable sports video game adaptations in a new package, they had to be purged for modern sensibility.

“They said, guys, if you want to do this, you have to fix these issues,” said Sufer.

“These issues” are violent collisions, some of them after the play unjustified and of course impunity, that defined both Midway’s. NFL Blitz and have aged very little in the last 25 years. A quarter of a century ago, the league and its media partners were actively selling the violence – and even comedy – of the sensual collisions served on Sunday.

But over the past decade, scientific research, several high-profile deaths of retired gamers and the $ 765 million in damages achieved in 2013, caused problems like concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) on Monday morning. league or its players. It will not be an exaggeration to say that the crisis was the biggest barrier in 1997 NFL Blitz, NFL Blitz ’99or NFL Blitz 2000: Gold Edition before re-releasing or remastering.

“To fix this, you have to change the game code to some extent, even if it’s a minor degree, you still need to change the game code,” said Sufer. “After the whistle there is a certain time in which [players were] still able to make movements. It’s been a long period, a few seconds, if I’m not mistaken. We really had to shorten this time. When the whistle blows, that’s it. […] You cannot perform another attack. And that’s something you can’t change by playing with the ROM. “

NFL Blitz legends, which will be introduced through retail partners later this football season, is the third sports display case that Arcade1Up has produced this year. The company added NBA jam: Shaq Edition and Gold Edition 3D T-shirt to the collectors’ catalog in May (and announced a fighting game) Marvel vs. Capcom 2 August 5). NFL Blitz legends fits the original game, Blitz ’99, and Blitz 2000 in one unit and supports online multiplayer among those who have a locker.

Deion Sanders was one of the fastest players in NFL history when he played from 1989-2005. The 49-way joystick will help Prime Time recreate its speed in NFL Blitz legends.
Photo: Arcade1Up

These features, Sufer says, make games fun and valuable, even though some of their more memorable features have been removed. “We did it well; it’s still a really addicting, fun game, ”promised Sufer. “I won’t say you won’t notice [the changes]but I will say that you are still having a good time and it hardly affects the gameplay. All the original plays are there.

Moreover, the 49-way joystick used in the original arcade games has also been recreated for NFL Blitz legends. Generally speaking, this type of joystick recognizes positions at short, medium or long distances from its center, allowing it to move with varying speed and acceleration. A four- or eight-way joystick has, well, only four or eight directions and takes the player to them at the same speed.

“In any of the arts, you can always walk away from the game,” Sufer said, “which means you’ll kick out the quarterback and just turn the game into an improvised run. “With this joystick, you can really have incredible control over the players. You are almost always able to distract from overtaking and just start it.

This is an important distinction as arcade style NFL soccer tends to be very focused on passing, with very few running games (if they even exist in the playbook) and all of them are easy to defend. This was one of the problems that made EA Sports NFL Blitz 2012’s resurgence was bland and unforgettable, and thus brought attention to what it did not have – namely late blockbusters, elbow gang attacks, and other forms of cartoon violence.

NFL Blitz in 2012, he also played with that year’s list of players; for NFL Blitz Legends, Arcade1Up needed to rebuild the original players with a Football Greats Alliance group license representing many NFL alumni. A press release assured fans that stars such as Jerry Rice, Dan Marino and Deion Sanders would return to the game. For the remainder of the list, Sufer estimated that they make up “maybe 85 to 90% of the original list,” and others are still being added. “We had a few unnamed players that you need to turn to,” he said.

Sufer said Arcade1up consulted NFL Blitz co-founders Mark Turmell (“I Had It On The Speed ​​Dial”) and Sal DiVita, as well as fellow Midway and Electronic Arts alumni who now own the intellectual property of Blitz. “For better or for worse,” Sufer chuckled, “our reputation has overtaken us. But Scott [Bachrach, Arcade1Up’s chief executive] he really surrounded himself with real experts in this field. […] We went back to the original makers and got their nod and blessing. Many of them offered to help us.

NFL Blitz legends will be launched later this year in a five-foot-tall cabinet with a 17-inch display and lighted tent. It will cost $ 599.99 and will be available on Best Buy, Walmart, and Arcade1Up. Superfanzy can order a stool with the team logo for $ 79.99.

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