The big Sumeru Genshin Impact update could cure my burnout

The figures of Sumer stand in front of a glowing green tree.

Image: HoYovere

Burnout in the end comes for everyone who plays live service games. Despite this, I did not notice that my relationship with Genshin punch was heading in that direction until I stopped logging in every day. The summer party seemed filled with nondescript puzzles. The knowledge revelations never reached epic heights which … Enkanomiya or Abyss he did it once. The whitening controversy He suppressed my enthusiasm for the new character that comes out. And keeping artifacts is still the worst part of the game. Scrolling through the list of unfinished tasks, I began to wonder if it was finally time to take care of my RPG backlog. I can hear you Xeno Blade Chronicles 3 is good?

Version 3.0 “Morning of a thousand roses” trailer | Genshin punch

With all this in mind, I am trying to live up to my expectations Genshinupdate 3.0. This patch will add the region of Sumer, new characters from Dendro elements like Collei and Tighnari, and quality-of-life updates that promise to make farming, fishing, and cooking less strenuous. The trailer shows interesting knowledge about the region’s scientific self-government and a kind of ideological division into knowledge.

Unlike the marketing leading up to the release of Inazuma, HoYoverse avoids the main conflict in the plot of Sumer more closely. Though I’m not sure the secrecy actually has the intended effect. Without knowing what the dramatic stakes are, it’s hard to put an emotional investment in new characters or building the world that the developers have shown so far.

Genshin gamers are used to placing a great deal of trust in developers while having very little information. For the most part, the game has rewarded that faith with well-written characters and memorable adventures, so I would feel less ambivalent about how close HoYoverse holds his cards to his chest if GenshinThe last event, Summer Fantasia, was not so bland.

Instead of giving us world-specific knowledge or character missions that really feel revealing, I felt I was cruising around some broad-looking islands to complete uninspired puzzles (the only exception was Fischl’s Raven’s Castle. These mirror-image puzzles were very good). And Summer Fantasia suffered from the same problem as the Irodori Festival: The event tried to focus on too many characters. It was fun watching the rock star Xinyan interact with the wandering samurai Kazuha. But it’s hard to invest in their relationship if you’re not sure if they’ll work together again in the long run (it didn’t help that we met Childe at the last roguelike event and she hadn’t raised him since then). Normally I wouldn’t care. But watching these scenes required me to complete a lot of dungeons in a certain order. If I’m forced to complete a ton of puzzles it must be worth it.

What Genshin what is really needed now is the focus on the narrative. Over the past few months, we’ve been receiving content that seemed bloated to fill the schedule to version 3.0. I am inclined to guess that some of them are due to the fact that pandemic they failed HoYovere schedule. But I wish the developers would leave us alone to build our squads while they focused on making sure Sumer is the best it can be. Even after the main storyline ends, players will continue to visit the region for seasonal events. If players are not being sold in Sumer right now, it will be harder to sell their content later.

Mondstadt and Liyue had the advantage of being the starting cities at launch. Inazuma was partially supported by soft force Cool Japan. Sumer has a lot to prove, and his success or failure could set the tone for the content for another year.

Depending on your time zone, the Sumerian update will be released on August 23 or 24.

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