Cadex introduces 50 Ultra Disc Wheelsystem: new ultra-light aero wheels

Cadex is a brand under the Giant umbrella, but the new Cadex 50 Ultra Disc wheelset is not a Giant brand wheelset. While we’ve talked about it in the past, Cadex is a brand that goes back to the mid-1980s. At the time, Giant wanted to build a carbon bicycle frame and needed a group that could break free from the daily business realities.

The Giant needed a group of moonshots, and Cadex was the answer to that need. Then the brand disappeared until 2019. This time with a range of wheels, but with an unchanged mission. Described in their own words: “CADEX is the pursuit of what many consider improbable or even impossible.” As the range expanded from its first release, it continued to stand for stunningly light and highly aerodynamic.

Cadex wheels are one of our favorites and we included a depth of 65mm in our list the best wheels for road bikes. So far, however, there is a hole in the brand’s offer at the most popular contemporary depth, and today’s premiere changes that. The Cadex 50 Ultra Disc Wheelsystem is an extension of the available wheel depth. It launches the latest aerodynamic tricks and a new aerodynamically optimized tire for the complete wheel system.

Cadex Aero Tubeless Tire

The new Cadex aero tire forms the basis of the new wheel system. (Photo credit: Josh Ross)

Cadex Aero Tubeless Tire

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