‘Day Shift’: ‘Twilight’ exists in-universe and we had to ask the cast about it

We love a vampire movie. Whether part of a larger lore or simply mythical beings, vampires have become part of the cultural zeitgeist in a way that lends itself to making as many references as possible. . And sometimes vampire owners like to point out that other vampires also exist in the movies of their world, like in the new Netflix movie. day shift, with Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco.

The film takes us through the life of vampire hunter Bud Jablonski (Foxx) and his struggle to earn enough money to keep his family in California with him. His ex Jocelyn (Meagan Good) and their daughter consider moving out, and when Bud finds out, he decides to return to the Vampire Hunters Syndicate to finally get back on track and earn the money he should be for his hunts. (He doesn’t earn much in his freelance hunting jobs.)

It’s really funny and a great movie moment in a way that I think we’ve forgotten about with movies. Sometimes you don’t want to think about anything, and it’s just a fun ride from start to finish. He also likes to make fun of the genre in which he plays.

One of my favorite parts of the movie is when Dave Franco’s character, Seth, makes a joke about The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2which means that technically, in this world of vampires, Dusk exist. So when I was able to speak with some of the actors and the director of day shiftI had a very important question: which vampire franchise would your character instantly connect to?

Karla Souza would hire them

When I asked the question, it really became the plot idea of What we do in the shadows where all vampires are played by vampires, but Karla Souza, who plays Audrey, a Bud-hunting vampire, turned the question into which vampires her character would hire to work with her.

“Of course, I love this idea. I see an Audrey prequel in every Twilightsshe said and went on to talk about hiring famous vampires to do Audrey’s bidding. “I love it, if vampires really live forever, that means all the Lost Boys and Audrey or all the Interview with the Vampires, that means Audrey knows the character of Brad Pitt and the character of Tom Cruise from this movie.

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Meagan Good showed Blade a little love

As for which franchise would jump to Jocelyn’s brain, star Meagan Good clarified whether it was her character or herself and went on to refer to Foxx’s character as “Blue-Collar Blade” – Blade, of course, being half-human, half-human Marvel. -vampire hero seeking revenge against the vampires for the death of his mother. We don’t know why Bud started hunting vampires, but I’m totally fine with the idea that he’s a blue-collar Blade.

“He’s badass and he uses his body, his physique, his fights and his knowledge to defeat these things,” she said comparing Bud and Blade, and it works and is something that ties into the movie. in general.

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Director JJ Perry speaks diabolical death

One of the things that really works day shift to me is that it’s one of those horror comedies that knows exactly what it is.

“For me, it was a pleasure. It was very natural to do so. The hardest part was probably getting the opportunity to do so. You know, you think 32 years in the business and it took that long to get the opportunity to do it. And I’m super grateful because I never thought I’d get this chance,” JJ Perry said when I asked to join the project for his first feature film as a director (he worked as a director of second unit for 20 years) .

He then talked a bit about the comedic aspect of the film and how he found it intimidating compared to the other elements of the film. “What intimidated me a bit was comedy. When you do action/comedy/horror, and those are the movies I grew up with like Big problem in little China, lost boys, evil Deadetc, the elements are there, action/comedy/horror in no particular order, but you have to master these three elements.

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day shift is available on Netflix now and well worth the watch!

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