Alec Baldwin feared Trump comments on ‘Rest’ shooting would inspire ‘violence’ against him

In an exclusive CNN interview, actor Alec Baldwin stated that the “only time” he was “concerned” about the fallout from the fatal shooting of the “Rest” film set was after former President Donald Trump contemplated the tragedy.

Suggesting that his physical safety was at risk, Baldwin claimed that on Jan. 6, Trump “ordered people to commit acts of violence,” and now “pointed the finger at me.”

CNN “New Day” aired Baldwin’s interview with CNN entertainment reporter Chloe Melas on Friday, where they discussed the fallout from the tragic shooting on the Hollywood set of the movie “Rest.”

Baldwin insisted during his interview that he didn’t pull the trigger, telling Melas, “I never said—never—that the gun went off automatically in my hand. I always said I pulled the hammer back, and I pulled it back as far as I could. I never took a gun and pointed it at someone and clicked the thing.”

Baldwin also noted that he had hired his own private investigator to investigate the alleged accident, who was assured by the sheriff that he would not be charged with the “Rest” shooting.

The 'Rest' movie set in New Mexico.
Alec Baldwin told CNN that the gun went off automatically in his hands.
AP/Jae C. Hong

“That private investigator, as you probably know, had no trouble accessing the sheriff’s department staff and that person told us, quote, unquoted: ‘We’ve known in the department since January that Alec would not be charged with a crime. he explained.

Melas spoke to Baldwin’s attorney, who insisted that if Baldwin were charged with a felony because of the shooting, it would be a “massive miscarriage of justice.”

CNN claimed Trump opposed the actor, stating, “but the then president fanned the flames against him.” (Although Trump had been absent for nearly a year at that point.)

The 'Rest' Movie Set in New Mexico
Alec Baldwin’s private investigator claimed the sheriff’s department would not have charged him with a crime.

Baldwin described Melas being the victim of the shooting by Trump. “The former president of the United States said, ‘He probably shot her on purpose.'”

He then suggested that Trump put him in physical danger for allegedly doing the same to his political enemies on Jan. 6.

“To me [that] was the only time I thought I needed – worried about what would happen. Because here was Trump telling people to commit acts of violence and he pointed the finger at me and said, I was responsible for the death,” Baldwin said.

Deadline Hollywood reported last November that Trump just stopped accusing Baldwin of intentionally shooting Hutchins, openly pondering, “Maybe he loaded it.” As The Hill noted, the former president added, “he had something to do with it.”

Halyna Hutchins is seen in a memorial
Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins died on set after being shot by a prop gun used by Alec Baldwin.
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
Donald Trump
Alec Baldwin feared that Donald Trump would physically harm him after speaking about the shooting.
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As Fox Digital reported, during filming on Oct. 21, “a gun Alec Baldwin was holding during a rehearsal for the film was what killed cameraman Halyna Hutchins.” Since the shooting, Baldwin has maintained that the shooting was an accident and that the alleged prop gun fired live rounds without pulling the trigger.

Last December he stated: ‘The trigger has not been pulled. I didn’t pull the trigger.” Although an FBI investigation found that “the weapon used on the New Mexico movie set could not have been fired without the trigger being pulled.”

The gun master of the “Rest” set, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, was closely examined as to why a pistol with sharp bullets was passed to Baldwin during filming. Gutierrez-Reed has since sued Seth Kenney, “the man who supplied the prop ammunition used by the production team.”

Gutierrez-Reed’s attorneys have criticized the Santa Fe, New Mexico sheriff, for failing to clarify the question of where the live rounds came from. It has “made a conscious decision not to investigate this question at all by refusing to ask the FBI to test any of the rounds for fingerprints or DNA,” they said.

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