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It’s Nomination Day inside and outside the Big Brother 24 house. Terrance and Michael have prepared their nominations and Terrance is convinced he knows which Big Brother guy is being targeted in the house. This has Terrance ready to take a big step for Week 7 of BB24. However, a house guest cleaning it up in the yard had a lot to say during their one-on-one with the Dyre Fest HOH.

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8:45 AM BBT – HGs wake up.

09:55 BBT – Terrance begins removing all 182 tattoos from last week’s sentence.

10:45 BBT – Michael talks to Jasmine and suggests that Monte is his target and he tends to put her and Monte on the block. She asks if they want to keep the noms the same if he, Taylor or Brittany win the Veto. He says he would unless he thought Taylor or Brittany hesitated.

10:55 AM BBT – Taylor, Brittany, Monte and Jasmine are all wondering how today’s nomination ceremonies will go. They wonder if the outside crew will do theirs first? They also wonder how to make sure that the inside crew can’t hear what’s going on downstairs while their nomination ceremony is taking place.

11:05 BBT – Monte is now talking to Michael and Michael lets him know that Jasmine knows she’s going upstairs.

11:12 BBT – Michael, Brittany, Taylor and Monte talk in the HOH room about how the other side of the house has been voting each other out for over a month. Brittany is shocked that they continue to vote out the people they work with because they are so concerned that they are on the right side of the house.

11:26 BBT – Taylor thinks if she could have grabbed Terrance and asked him to protect Joseph, he would have. She thinks Kyle is his target, Michael and Brittany agree.

11:37 BBT – Alyssa tells Kyle she just doesn’t want Terrance to hang them both. She says she prefers that if one wins the veto, the other can defeat the other.

11:40 BBT – Kyle tells Alyssa how he, Monte, Joseph and Turner started an alliance, then brought in Brittany and Michael and Taylor joined after that. He tells her how they wanted him to veto Alyssa last week, but he refused, so now he’s on the run. Kyle tells Alyssa she’ll be gone when she reaches the block this week.

11:47 BBT – Kyle tells Alyssa he’s going to tell Terrance everything. He adds that he doesn’t trust Monte, Joseph or Taylor and Turner is very close to all of them.

12:00 PM BBT – The feeds were down for a few minutes and they come back to talk to Terrance and Kyle. Terrance mentions that he is in a difficult situation with how he wants Michael to move and how he wanted to move this week.

12:05 PM BBT – Kyle tells Terrance that he shared some information with Alyssa that he wanted to share with Terrance, but not everyone is awake. Joseph joins the conversation and they try to find out what time it is.

12:14 PM BBT – Kyle tells Joseph that he thinks there is some sort of similarity between Terrance and Michael that if Michael took a shot at Monte, Terrance would take a shot at Joseph.

12:23 PM BBT – Kyle throws all the beans over the Leftovers to Terrance. Meanwhile, Michael and the inside crew just hang out in the HOH room. No game talk there.

12:25 PM BBT – Kyle tells Terrance that Monte was never targeted last week and that after Kyle won the veto they tried to pressure him into using it so they could take Alyssa out of the game. He says that Monte runs the show, that Joseph is his wingman, and that Turner has also been involved.

12:30 PM BBT – Terrance tells Kyle that Joseph always pretended not to know. Kyle says he and Monte used to do business together.

12:32 PM BBT – Kyle tells him the only reason they wanted Terrance to join their (J&M) Festie Bestie group was that they were isolated when they went upstairs. Same reason Taylor joined the girls.

12:37 PM BBT – Kyle tells Terrance that after this week she, Alyssa, Brittany and Michael should all sit together and make this official. Kyle says he’s worried that if Kyle and Joseph are around, Turner wins, knocks Joseph down, Alyssa will have to go upstairs and they’ll vote Alyssa out.

12:41 PM BBT – Terrance realizes he’s ruined himself by throwing OTEV. Terrance tells Kyle that he is going to put Turner and Joseph on the block. Kyle says that guarantees Joseph goes unless he wins the Veto. Kyle says worst case scenario, Joseph wins the veto, he has to put Kyle or Alyssa in his place. Terrance says he would keep Kyle safe.

12:43 PM BBT – Terrance promises he won’t tell anyone what Kyle just shared with him.

12:55 PM BBT – Turner says if Michael makes his move and they make this move (take Joseph out), those are some big moves. Terrance says “we’ll see” and says he’s worried because he feels something else is going on. He says there are too many things wrong.

12:56 PM BBT – Joseph comes over and Terrance says “you know what step I’m trying to make.” Joseph thinks it’s Kyle and asks what Alyssa thinks. He says he hasn’t told her yet, just that she’s safe this week.

12:58 PM BBT – Terrance tells Joseph that something bigger is going on in the house and that he hasn’t found out yet. Joseph asks if he thinks Kyle is in the middle of that and Terrance says he is. Joseph says if he takes this shot, Kyle won’t go if he’s next to Joseph.

13:04 BBT – We get a long WBRB screen switching to Adoptable Animals for the nomination ceremonies!

It seems that Terrance’s nomination plans have changed slightly, but his goal is still the same. This is thanks to Kyle, who is more concerned about his showmance than his alliance, who burned some bridges this week on BB24 to save both him and Alyssa from the bloc. Meanwhile, the plan is to set up Monte and Jasmine in the house. Jasmine is convinced Monte is the target and unless she wins the Veto tomorrow, she will be brutally awakened!

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