Get Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield – Lost Origin Build & Battle Box

T.the latest expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Sword and shield – lost origin, it will arrive on September 9, 2022, but you can visit your local hobby store to start playing with it early! From August 26, 2022, selected sellers will start selling Sword and shield – lost origin Build & Battle Box, giving fans the chance to do a pre-release battle and experience the latest expansion before its official release date.

The pre-order format allows players to compete in a 40-card deck, with four Reward cards set aside at the start of the game, as opposed to a 60-card deck with six Reward cards. This format is ideal not only for introducing new players to the exciting world of Pokémon Trading card game with fast-paced, fun games, but also for providing seasoned players a window into it all Lost origin has to offer.

Each Build & Battle box contains a 40-card ready-to-play deck containing key cards from current and previous sets, as well as one of four unique foil promotional cards to enhance your deck. Depending on which promo card you get, you can add to your deck and collection the ever ghastly Gengar, the muscular Machamp, the fantastic Finneon, or the Comfey for collecting flowers.

If you find this promotion in your Build & Battle Box, you can also find a Pokémon stream with Swim Freely attack. Normally, you can only attach 1 Energy card per turn, but Finneon’s Ocean Accompaniment ability allows you to attach as many Water Energy cards as you want during your turn to 1 of your Pokémon that has a Free Swim attack. If you successfully bring Dewgong into play, you’ll be able to flood your opponents with a powerful Floe Return attack that shuffles any amount of Water Energy from your Pokémon into your deck, dealing 40 damage for each card that is shuffled into your deck. arrange like this.

Gengar is as sneaky as a Pokémon, and his Gate of the Underworld skill can put him into action in no time. Once on your turn, if this Pokémon is in your discard pile, you may place it on your Bench. If you do, place 3 damage markers on Gengar. Most Stage 2 Pokémon need to evolve several times before they can enter the game, but Gengar is not impeded that way, even being able to come back into the game after being Knocked out! In addition to its ability, Gengar’s Screaming Circle Attack can be useful and deals considerable damage for only 1 energy.

Comfey loves collecting flowers as the Posy’s Pokémon Collector, and also loves to collect cards from the top of your deck with his Flower Select Skill. Once on your turn, if that Pokémon is in the Active Location, you may look at the top 2 cards of your deck and place 1 of them in your hand and 1 in the Lost Zone. Comfey doesn’t provide devastating top-tier attacks, but it does help you find the cards you need when it matters most – making it a strong pre-order card that often has fewer support cards and items available. Be careful though; you don’t want to send too many cards to a lost zone with no clear path to win the game before you run out of cards.

The Pokémon Superpower, Machamp, adds extra mass with its Crisis Muscles ability! Machamp uses his opponent’s Reward number, gaining 150 HP when he has 3 or fewer Reward cards left. Since the pre-order format only uses 4 Reward cards, this Skill can activate very quickly! As a Stage 2 Pokémon, Machamp takes a while to get up and act, but will reward you with spectacular results thanks to its adrenaline-fueled muscles.

There are differences between Build & Battle Boxes, so you can add your own creative twist. Whether you’re heading to the hobby shop or playing with a friend, play out quick and fun battles using new cards Sword and shield – lost origin expansion!

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