Preseason Week 2 Recap: Immediate Fantasy Football Takeaways from Friday’s Games | Fantasy Football News, Rankings and Projections

Houston Texans RB Dameon Pierce was the highest-rated running back last week, leading the Texans to give him the starting treatment and rest him tonight.

new england patriots RB Damian Harris, rammond stevenson Y Ty Montgomery all received snaps with the first team, including third-chance snaps.

Green Bay Packers WR romeo doubs he scores a touchdown in his second straight preseason game, making him a starter.

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Recruit Damian Harris Y rammond stevenson: James WhiteThe retirement Y Brandon Boldenthe match they’ve left a void for New England on third downs. The Patriots used their backs in last year’s preseason much like they did in the regular season, with one rotation per situation. White got all the third-down plays with the starters.

New England mixed things up tonight, rotating on impulse rather than situation. Harris took the first and fourth drives, Stevenson the second and fifth, and Ty Montgomery the third and sixth. Montgomery will most likely see more broadcast work, and Harris and Stevenson more early work once the season starts. The fact that the Patriots were even willing to test all three running backs on third down is a good sign of the fantasy value of Harris and Stevenson compared to last season. Harris lined up wide on a center, something he has only done 18 times in his three-year career. Stevenson got the job in the first two-minute drill, which he never did last season.

It’s worth noting that the two rookie running backs didn’t see any work with the first team, or the first two units with the second team, so they may not get a chance to contribute on offense this season unless there is a injury or exchange.

Avoid most of the Patriots’ wide receivers: Four of the top five wide receivers on the Patriots depth chart were available tonight, with kendrick bourne as the only receiver sitting out. Parker Y jacob meyers took all the snapshots on the first two drives, with Nelson Agholor join in sets of three receptors. Tiquan Thornton he began to see playing time on the third series, taking plays off Parker on the third series and Agholor on the fourth. The situation will be even more difficult on the outside after tonight when Bourne returns.

Meyers is the only safe option, since he was the only one who played every series with the starters. He should consistently be the Patriots’ slot receiver. he is one of the upper bedroom wide receiver options this season.

Don’t draft the Panthers’ backup RBs: The panthers rested Christian McCaffrey, five wide receivers and four tight ends, among several others. The only exciting battle was the backup running back spot. Chuba Hubbard started the last preseason game and split time with d’onta foreman throughout the first half of last week. Foreman was given the starting job this season, but they remained in a rotation. He saw more plays in running situations and Hubbard more in passing situations.

Hubbard is probably the one with the most independent value, but that will only matter in very deep leagues. If there is an injury to McCaffrey, we could see these backs split 50-50 again, making it unnecessary to draft either player as wives.

new orleans saints Green Bay Packers

Stay cautiously optimistic about rookie wide receivers: TThe Saints and Packers rested several players, including the top three wide receivers on Green Bay’s depth chart and the top two on New Orleans’ depth chart.

Both Chris Olave Y romeo doubs played most of the first team snaps tonight, off Olave having a long drive in the second quarter before returning for the two minute drill.

Not much can be taken away from a performance standpoint with the substitutes playing, but both players led their teams in goals while on the field and both scored a touchdown. Ideally, we could have seen them with the real first team, but they rarely left the field at the start of the game, which is the best you can hope for.

Avoid the tight ends of saints: The Saints used all of their tight ends even though the starters rested at most other positions. Four different tight ends were used with the first team offense: adam trautmann Y Nick Vannett both were used more as run blockers and should be off the fantasy radars. Taysom Hill was used sparingly at wide receiver, with Juwan Johnson running the most routes and leading the team in snaps with the first team. Johnson has the most potential and could be drafted in the bigger leagues as a deep sleeper, but the four-man rotation will make it difficult for anyone to have consistent fantasy value.


Have a backup plan when drafting dameon pierce: marlon mack he started for the Texans last week and took all the first- and second-down snaps with the first team. Pierce only played for the second team, but he was the highest-rated running back of the week. Pierce did not play in the first half, which was very disappointing until Pro Football Network’s Aaron Wilson revealed the Texans liked Pierce enough that he didn’t need to play. Mack was the first to go down in the first half, and Royce Freeman took over in the second. This is a good indication that Pierce will be the starter in Week 1.

texans getting back Rex Burkhead he didn’t play in the first preseason game, but did on Friday night. He has traditionally been a receiving back, but he led the Texans in first- and second-down plays out of two-minute drills last year. He was restricted to third downs, the two-minute drill and a random first down Friday night, which is bad news for Burkhead but good news for Pierce. Burkhead could still be recruitable, as the Texans could be in a lot of passing situations this season, leaving Burkhead on the field while Mack and Pierce are on the sidelines. Mack is now probably just Pierce’s wife.

Consider Brevin Jordan as a last-round tight end pick: The 22-year-old spent the first half of the season as a healthy inactive, but by November he was on the Texans’ active roster and by December he was playing a lot of passes. The fifth-round pick was the third-highest-rated tight end, behind kyle pits Y Pat Freiermuth. Shared time with a veteran brown pharaoh in Houston’s first preseason game, Jordan played 11 staff snaps in the first two drives, Brown took them in the third drive, and Jordan kept working off the benches.

Brown missed this game due to injury, allowing Jordan to take every 11th and 12th snaps on staff. Jordan will most likely continue to lose some time to Brown once the veteran is healthy, but it’s good to see the Texans trust Jordan in all passing situations without a rotation when needed. If Jordan improves, as we would expect from any 22-year-old, he could become the Texans’ full-time starter, who could also function as a fantasy starter.

Ignore Rams click counts as usual: The Rams continued their preseason tradition of resting all starters as well as several key backups. Jacob Harris he was the most notable player to play for fantasy football purposes. The wide receiver/tight end hybrid was the 142nd pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, but he had a forgettable rookie season due to a groin injury earlier in the season and a torn ACL and ACL. later in the season. He played only 17 offensive snaps as a rookie, much of it running blocks in the fourth quarter of wins. He was one of 11 wide receivers taller than 6-foot-5 to receive an offensive play last season.

He fully converted to wide receiver this season and started Friday night after missing last week. The former UCF Knight was part of a four-man rotation at wide receiver with the starters and caught one pass. He’s intriguing because he could be a threat in the end zone if he gets some playing time, which gives him some value as a punt play in DFS depending on the use of him in the regular season.

table notes
  • Snaps include plays ruled out due to penalties, including offensive holding or defensive pass interference. The other three stats have these plays removed.
  • Goals may differ from official NFL sources. The most likely discrepancy would be from a clear pass ruled out, where the NFL can give the target to the nearest receiver, while this information will not.
  • The carries are only on designed plays. Quarterback scrambles will not count towards the total number of carries in the game.

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