The 3 Zodiac Signs with Raw Weekly Horoscopes, August 22 – 28, 2022

As we move out of the Leo sun and into Virgo season, many of us may find the transition less than captivating. The Leo season tends to bring out our inner giant; we feel good about everything and we want to be involved as much as possible.

Once the sun enters Virgo, things seem to get a lot more organized than they do during Leo season. Some love and appreciate the organization, while others fear being so bound by rules.

This feeling of being trapped or repressed by being aggravated as the week goes on and the transits become harsher and more relentless.

For example, if we go through the week, we will encounter Mercury’s opposite Neptune, which may make us think we are in the company of those who understand us only to find that we have overstepped our limits and missed the mark entirely. .

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The moon opposite Pluto ensures that if we were feeling bad earlier in the week, we will continue this trend until the week is over.

For some constellations, the main aggressors are Mercury trine Pluto and the Moon opposite Saturn. Both transits make us feel bad about our choices, while having to re-guess our gut feelings.

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