What are you playing this weekend? (Aug. 20)

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Are you riding the waves this weekend? Wave Race 64 is now available on the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, so we’re sure some of you catch that nostalgia for the late 90’s. Otherwise, you can play golf with the well-reviewed Cursed to Golf (we’ll have our own review in the future!). Or maybe you are looking at this confirmed, finalized Mega Drive Mini 2 roster.

Elsewhere on Nintendo Life, we have a list of all the Wii U and 3DS DLCs that you should download before stores close. We also mocked Kirby’s Dream Buffet in our review. We also joined Cult of the Lamb in another positive review of this independent blockbuster.

Now it’s time to chill out and discuss our weekend game plans. few millionsNintendo Life team members did just that below, so feel free to read our posts and then join your own via our comments section. Enjoy!

Kate Gray, staff writer

I’m flying to Germany this weekend on an eight hour break so I’m going to be playing a LOT of video games. Wish me luck.

I’ve been playing 13 Guardians like no other lately, and I’m going to be doing it until I understand what’s going on in the game. This is very confusing !! As soon as I think that I have come up with a plot point, it turns out that basically everyone is a robot And it’s all a dream And they were all dead the whole time, like every famous movie twist at the same time. But it’s great, fun, and weird, and I want about ten billion more games like that, so I’m happy.

Alana Hagues, staff writer

I will sound like a broken record, but this weekend is more Xenoblade Chronicles 3 to me. I’m now at the end of Chapter 6, which means I’m not far from the end of the game. Of course, completing the game is not the end of Xenoblade 3, but I will feel comfortable moving on to new things. It was phenomenal and even with a few stumbles in the end it’s probably my favorite Xeno blade game. I’m ready to cry through the ending and credits and then take down some superboats!

So things should get a little more variety right now because I need a break in the RPG! I have yet to finish Neon White (yeah really) so I will spend some time derusting this weekend, but then I think I’ll start with Chicory: A Colorful Tale. I’ve only heard amazing things about it.

Ollie Reynolds, staff writer

Honestly, I don’t think I’ll have time to play anything this weekend, but if I do, I’ll probably jump into Metroidvania, maybe Axiom Verge or Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night; something I can jump into and out of easily. I could jump into Danganronpa and go through a few scenes here and there, but again if I have time!

Jim Norman, staff writer

After spending last weekend looking around for apartments, I will be this week Actually move into one of them! This, of course, requires a bit of a weird one specifically titled Jim Is Moving Out! (thanks Alana for pointing it out), in the final show, “Life Imitates Art.”

Besides, they will party everywhere. I expect to go back to the classics from Super Mario Party and Just Dance 2022 to really settle in to the new place.

Like most people, I was sincerely watching huge quantity Splatoon content this week and I might be tempted to try the series again when I unpack a few boxes. I haven’t dealt with this particular series in the past, but maybe a new start might be the perfect time to come back to it – we’ll see.

As always, thanks for reading! Leave us a comment below with your weekend game plans!

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