Ethereum Fork Off to ETHPoW Rocky Start

hours after ethereum successfully completed Its historic merger with Proof of Stake, ETHPoW—the network’s rival offshoot aimed at preserving proof of work on a forked version of Ethereum—made its own mainnet live Thursday afternoon.

This moment was billed as a win for ETH miners left behind 99.99% of Ethereum by transitioning to a more eco-friendly, miner-less proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Instead, it quickly turned into chaos.

Soon after the launch of the ETHPoW mainnet on Thursday, users began experiencing problems accessing the network.

It quickly became clear that part of the issue was that ETHPoW had chosen a chain ID already in use.

The Chain ID, created in 2016 to facilitate the hard fork of Ethereum Classic, acts as a fingerprint for a specific network and helps the blockchain to verify the unique identity of on-chain assets. The Chain ID specified by ETHPoW was apparently already in use by the Bitcoin Cash testnet.

Since Chain ID has no central authority or registry, Chain ID can be chosen arbitrarily. Nonetheless, pre-hardfork testing may have uncovered the conflict.

Ironically, Chain ID was already the most important case for ETHPoW’s leadership in the weeks before the merger. Fears began to spread in crypto circles that, due to the creation of ETHPoW, users could become victims of so-called replay attacks if ETHPoW fails to replace their network’s chain ID with the Ethereum mainnet. necessarily, Scammers can duplicate transactions from the ETHPoW networkOn the real Ethereum network, if both networks have the same chain ID.

Prominent Chinese crypto miner Chandler Guo, who led the ETHPoW effort, previously confirmed decrypt That ETHPoW will be changing its chain ID for the same reason.

Why the network then chose a chain ID to belong to another existing network is unclear. Guo did not respond immediately decryptComment request.

In the moments following the Ethereum merger—but before the introduction of ETHPoW—the fork’s native cryptocurrency, ETHW, up some 70% Up to $60.68, in anticipation of the network’s launch. Since the network went live earlier today, however, that price has dropped by more than 74%. It is currently trading at just $15.33.

While some users claimed that the ETHPoW network was working perfectly fine within hours of its launch, others criticized the confusion generated in the ETHPoW user community after the network’s messy start. As feared, malicious actors have reportedly captured the uncertainty.

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