Food Rx: A Longevity Expert Shares Dietary Tips for Aging Well

Can you eat your way to a longer life? It’s a question people often ask experts like Laura L. Carstensen, PhD, professor of psychology and director of the Stanford Center on Longevity in Stanford, California, and growing research suggests the answer may be yes.

According to a chapter a Nutrition, food and diet in aging and longevity, published October 2021, studies have found that diets such as the Mediterranean diet, the Okinawan diet, the Nordic diet, and vegetarian diets promote longevity. These diets are likely to help protect cells from aging thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and other substances they contain.

But what does science say about the connection?

Can Your Diet Prevent Age-Related Diseases?

Researchers have found that eating, or not eating, certain types of food can affect your risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes, which in turn can affect how long you’re likely to live . While no single food will guarantee you’ll live to be 100, research has found that certain eating patterns contribute to longevity by reducing the risk of chronic diseases associated with aging.

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