I was there in the White House when America made history with its efforts to save our planet

Tuesday was an amazing day. This Indian immigrant, who arrived in this country at the age of eight months with 6 dollars, was again invited to the White House. This time, I had the honor of witnessing the signing of the historic Cut Inflation Act, which includes $380 billion (with a B!) for investments in our climate. . It is extremely moving to witness such a pivotal moment that will change not only our country, but the planet as well. This act is the most aggressive, forward-thinking, and significant climate investment this country (or any country) has ever committed to. I hope other countries will follow.

Washington State Senator Mona Das at the White House September 13 during an event celebrating the passage of the ‘Cutting Inflation Act’. Top photo, Vice President Kamala Harris addressing the rally as President Biden looks on.

With this signing, the United States will, once again, be the leader in climate action. The creators of this law took into consideration much of the work that we have already done in Washington State. Our climate pledge act, our electric vehicle infrastructure bill (which was my bill), our investments in electric vehicle infrastructure rebates to get people to switch to electric cars. But to achieve net zero emissions, we need to use electric vehicles more. We have to use green roofs. We must be at the forefront of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We Absolutely must invest in sustainable energy sources such as solar, onshore wind and offshore wind. And we need to stop subsidizing industries whose by-products further degrade our environment, like coal and oil.

The author with Rep. Pramila Jayapal.

In addition, we must limit our investments in energy infrastructure to renewable Resources. Renewable means the resource is always available, as opposed to finite resources like oil that comes out of the ground or coal that comes out of our mountains. And yet, these choices alone will not get us where we want to go.

Because while we’re talking about saving the planet, what we need to start talking about is saving civilization. The planet will be fine. He’ll keep spinning, cycling, and he’ll heal himself. What is wrong is civilization as we know it. If you have children and grandchildren, they will ask you, “What did you do when the impacts of climate change became evident? What have you done to preserve this planet, human civilization and our society? »

Alongside AAPI Victory Fund Founder and Chairman of the Board, Shekar Narasimhan.

Do you have an answer for your children’s children? I pledge to continue my work for the environment, our planet and our civilization, and my response will be that I have done everything in my power to put climate at the center of our nation’s priorities. To ensure that the lives of your grandchildren were taken care of and that the next seven generations were taken care of. That we would use renewable energy sources like wind, solar and wave technology from our rivers and oceans – unlimited resources that we already know how to harness!

I had a professor in graduate school who said something that I will never forget. She said, “All the technology to solve all the problems in the world has already been invented. We just need the political will to do it. It was one of the moments that pushed me towards a career in public service. Political will is something I’ve definitely brought to the legislature, and I’ve happily found legislative colleagues to join me in the effort to make climate action a more accessible endeavor for everyone.

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I am honored to be invited back to the White House to celebrate the historic passage of the Inflation Reduction Act. The $380 billion in investments in our climate will affect all 50 states, all nations and our planet. I am honored and thrilled to continue my work and my legacy of fighting for the climate, fighting for civilization – fighting for you, your children and their grandchildren.

What will you do?

Mona Das is an American politician and member of the Washington State Senate from the 47th District.

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