Joe Heinrich named CEO of CSX Railroad as rail strike talks end

Joe Heinrichs, a former top Ford Motor Company executive, will take over on September 26 as chief executive of CSX, the third largest railroad in America with 23,000 miles of track that transports everything from automobiles to construction, agriculture, consumer and does. energy products.

Hinrichs, who arrived by the Free Press on Thursday within hours of the announcement, expressed relief that a potential rail industry strike had been averted through intense negotiations between union leaders and rail carriers over the past 24 hours. The shutdown involving 115,000 workers may have crippled the automotive industry and that possibility was discussed during a visit by President Joe Biden at the Detroit Auto Show on Wednesday.

“I think we have been reminded this week of how important the rail industry is to our economy and our country, with work likely to stop,” Heinrich said. “You look at the rail industry: it’s been almost two centuries. I think people take rail lightly, maybe not this week but just in general. It’s such a backbone.”

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