Random: Fans take Splatoon 3 cabinet designs to a whole new level

Image: Nintendo

If you’ve read enough articles here on Nintendo Life in the past few weeks, you’ll know we are serious To Splatoon 3 fans, the game seems to balance out those little quirks that made previous games so successful with enough new features that the latest entry really feels like “the pinnacle of the franchise” (as our great review succinctly puts it succinctly).

But of all the new features, there is one that stands above the rest. “What is this new game-changing feature you’re talking about?” we hear you ask, “is this an incredibly fun salmon race that you can now play consistently? A great new story mode? Fresh maps for Turf War Battles? ” No, it’s about the cupboard.

Providing all of us with our own customizable cabinets was always meant to be a recipe for the highest level of humor. It’s gonna be a fun addition, Nintendo thought, there’s no way people are going to make it something weird on the web. Oh Nintendo, you are cute.

Ever since the game’s launch, we’ve loved the locker laughs that popped up on our social media channels. From creativity to downright nightmare (through many Moai heads), being able to browse the community lockers has kicked us off more than a few good times, and here we’ve put together some of our favorites to share with you.

Sit back, relax and come look at other people’s things! Let’s start with the favorite boy from the Splatoon 3 cabinet: the Moai heads.

While there is certainly a huge number of cabinets that people have apparently taken the time to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible, some joy comes from those who take a slightly more deranged approach. For example, there are those who decide to walk on the dangerous side (although the simplicity really made us laugh):

Then we have even cleaner fuel of the nightmare – especially the first one that gets the right response – but isn’t the second just as bad? This really shows that you can take a player out of Among Us, but you cannot take him out of a player (or something like that):

We’ll finish it off with this crazy little number that seems to contradict the laws of physics by its very existence. How you can’t hear it when you close the door is beyond us – it must be a magic cupboard:

Less than a week has passed, and this still makes us laugh. There’s no way this joke is getting old, is it?

You must reach rank four to browse the locker room, so if you’re not already there, take this time to plan your comic masterpiece.

What does your Splatoon 3 locker look like? Let us know your organized / fun / annoying aesthetic in the comments below and make sure you do check out the best deals in the game if you still want to buy a copy.

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