YouTube displays a maximum of 10 non-skippable ads per video

The YouTube viewing experience has been permeated by advertising over the years as a means of maintaining the platform and supporting creators financially. Now, however, it looks like YouTube is pushing the boundaries with ads, delivering as many as 10 ads that cannot be missed during a single hiatus.

Update: In a statement to 9do5GoogleYouTube has provided more context for this ad growth. See below for more information.

Advertising breaks on YouTube videos usually occur before the start of the video, as well as during the video, if the creator allows it. Typically, these breaks can be as little as a few seconds or even a few minutes, but longer ads usually have the option to skip this ad after a certain period of time.

Over the past month or two, some YouTube viewers have noticed that the ads on the platform have grown significantly in length and quantity, especially in non-skippable formats.

Many threads on Reddit show that ad breaks in longer videos happen as often as every few minutes. Equally difficult, if not worse, is the rise in user reports seeing far more non-skippable ads during YouTube ad breaks. Threads on Reddit as well newer tweetspresent ad breaks with up to 10 ads in a row that are not to be missed.

This does not seem to be the case for all movies or even all viewers, but these longer breaks seem to be increasingly common lately. More than 10 ads are seen by users with around five ads per break.

Good news? These ads are not cool long. From what we know from user reports, each of these ads only lasts five or six seconds, meaning that even an ad break with 10 non-skippable ads would only be about 60 seconds.

YouTube did not see any deliberate spike in advertising on the platform, but its “TeamYouTube” Twitter account you replied on one user complaint that they are considered “bumper ads”, a format that appears at the beginning of videos and displays some of these very short ads.

Update 9/16: A YouTube spokesman confirmed that 9do5Google that these expanded “ad blocks” that showed the expanded number of ads were part of a “little experiment” that has “ended” since then.

At YouTube, we’re focused on helping brands connect with their global audience, and we’re always testing new ways to show ads that improve the viewer experience. We conducted a small global experiment where viewers watched longer videos on connected TVs, displaying multiple ads in the ad block. The goal is to give viewers a better experience by reducing ad breaks. We have completed this little experiment.

The company further explained that ad blocks were originally introduced in 2018, albeit in smaller numbers, in order to display the number of ads needed without interrupting longer videos. YouTube reminds that user satisfaction remains a top priority and that reducing ad breaks is part of this goal.

Even so, it seems to mean a significant increase in the number of advertisers that viewers see during ad breaks, and that’s obviously no fun to anyone. Are you seeing more ads on YouTube lately? Did this make you pay for Premium or limit your use of the platform altogether? Let’s talk in the comments!

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