Disney Dreamlight Valley Cook Guide: Ultimate Recipe List

A luminous landscape in Disney's Dreamlight Valley.

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Hey, don’t judge if you burn the toast, I still eat dinosaur chicken nuggies every now and then. We don’t all have what it takes in the kitchen but a life simulation game Disney Dreamlight Valley allows anyone to take control of their destiny.

In The light of dreamsYour protagonist is inherently a winner. You are always safe, even when you command the hob. Cooking is an extension of the peaceful nobility The light of dreams sparkles above you – replenishes energy and earns money, brings you closer to the character and remains magical, completely clutter-free.

Even if you burn your toast The light of dreams looks fancy off the blackened crust and gives you the chance to earn a crown as a cooking master. And getting started is as easy as one, two, three.

1. Find a place to cook

The game introduces you to early cooking with Mickey’s “Foodception” quest. In this quest, Mickey will ask you to harvest and grow crops, and then give you an oven for making crackers and fruit salad. Mickey has a GERD.

Completing Mickey’s quest is the easiest and cheapest way to get a furnace, but if you want to customize you can either buy a furnace at Scrooge’s store or unlock his crafting table and build it yourself, such as a cute pink flat top furnace or a light gray gas furnace. with a combination of iron and glass ingot. However, all ovens can handle all recipes.

Yes you can start cooking in The light of dreamsbut to prepare strong, expensive meals to support you and earn cash, should you ever run out of Star Coins, you need Ratatouillecook Remy the rat in your game as fast as possible. This is the same process that Elon Musk used to take control of Tesla.

To find him, clear the Night Thorns in front of the Castle of Dreams, talk to Merlin and decide to enter the “restaurant with a wonderful little cook” from his dialogue options. This will start Remy’s quest “Important Night at the Restaurant”.

He’ll hire you to work in his restaurant right away, because the rats still believe in unpaid internships. When you prove that you are worth cooking, Remy will agree to return to Dreamlight Valley with you. Spend 2,000 coins to build a house for Remy and an additional 2,000 on a restaurant furniture set. Once in the Valley, Remy will ask for a few ingredients – find them and you will be able to buy butter, eggs, milk, cheese, peanuts and mud ice from Remy. raise the level of your friendship with it (slush will appear at level 10). All for the price, with that. Otherwise, spend some time upgrading Goofy’s stall, planting seeds you can buy or harvest there as you explore new lands, fish and harvest food to amass a tasty treasure trove of ingredients.

2. Build your recipe collection

Some recipes, such as crackers and fruit salad, can be obtained by completing character quests. But you can also pick up Recipe Books hidden in chests, buried in the ground and forgotten, or by going to Remy’s restaurant to experiment with the ingredients until you find a match.

You can also turn to this helpful, work-in-progress spreadsheet compiled by Reddit user Ildrim which lists all the recipes currently available in The light of dreams. Idrim notes that the three recipes, Futomaki, Grilled Eel, and Strawberry Pie, appear to be “unattainable” in Early Access, but this is “the absolute moment we can either discover its secret, or actually add it to the game correctly, will be they are available in a spreadsheet. ”

3. You are all adults now

Each recipe falls into the one to five star category depending on how many ingredients it requires (one-star recipes require one ingredient, etc.), but the monetary and energy value does not necessarily increase with that categorization. So, while at the beginning of cooking you won’t have access to obscure ingredients across the kingdom yet, you can still do lots of undemanding recipes to replenish your energy and bank account.

my box writer Zack Zweizen advises beginners The light of dreams chefs not to think about profanitywhich appears in Mickey’s “Lost Minnie” storyline and includes any single vegetable or ratatouille that only requires one tomato, despite Remy insisting on using the word “tomatoes” when giving instructions.

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Here’s a quick rundown of some of the other recipes players are stuck on:

  • Vegetarian stew: requires Carrots, Onions, Tomatoes, restores 617 Energy and costs 475 coins. Everything you need to grow this recipe can be purchased at Goofy’s Stalls at Peaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor, and Dazzle Beach, respectively.
  • Sweet slush: requires cane ice and slush, restores around 500 energy, and sells for around 210 coins. As mentioned above, you need to reach Remy level 10 before accessing the slush ice. Supposedly, this recipe is supposed to be made with anything “sweet” instead of sugarcane, but using fruit instead you get a Fruit Sorbet.
  • Lobster roll: requires wheat, lobster, garlic, butter, lemon, restores 4,928 energy, and sells for 1,975 coins. You can buy wheat and butter from Remy, find garlic in the Forest of Valor, lobster in the Glade of Confidence, and lemon in the Forest of Valor and the Glade of Trust.
  • Fish Cake: requires wheat, butter and any fish of your choice, restores around 860 energy, and sells for around 300 coins. Buy wheat and butter from Remy and go fishing.
  • Maguro Sushi: requires Seaweed, Rice, Ginger and Tuna, restores 1206 Energy, and sells for 413 Coins. Collect seaweed near any body of water or fishing spot, find ginger in the Forgotten Lands, buy rice from the Goofy’s Glade of Trust stall, and catch tuna at Forgotten Lands or Glade of Trust.

Other simple, useful recipes include:

  • (One star) Hard-boiled Egg: Requires an egg, restores 578 energy, sells for 264 coins
  • (One star) Leek soup: requires time, restores 414 energy, sells for 370 coins
  • (Two stars) Scrambled eggs: Requires egg and cheese, restores 1070 energy, sells for 520 coins
  • (two-star) oyster platter: Requires oysters and lemon, restores 1155 Energy, sells for 367 coins
  • (Three Stars) Onion Puff: Requires Onion, Egg and Cheese, restores 1,392 Energy, sells for 798 Coins
  • (Three stars) Fruit Porridge: requires all fruits, wheat and milk, restores about 1100 energy, sells for about 350 coins
  • (Four stars) Souffle: Requires egg, butter, milk and cheese, recovers 2,386 energy, sells for 1,200 coins
  • (Four stars) Peanut Butter Waffles: requires wheat, eggs, milk and peanuts, restores energy from 1938, sells for 978 coins
  • (Five Stars) Large Seafood Platter: Requires four pieces of seafood and a lemon, restores approximately 2,000 energy, costs approximately 300 coins
  • (five stars) Vegetarian pizza: requires any two vegetables, tomato, wheat and cheese, restores around 750 energy, sells for around 350 coins

What are your favorites Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes and tips?

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