IPhone lock screen at your disposal: try the best new iOS 16 widgets now

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The latest operating system for Apple iPhoneiOS 16 – was released last week, followed closely by third-party apps, with many launching new versions the same day. The biggest addition to an app in iOS 16 is the ability to provide information or functionality with New Customizable iPhone Lock Screen.

With the new iPhone lock screen, you can customize your background, change colors and fonts, and add new widgets that stay on the screen when your iPhone is locked. Two types of widgets – round and rectangular – appear below the time displayed, while the third type – built-in – appears as a bar above the clock.

You can add built-in Apple widgets from apps like Weather, Calendar, or News, or tons of third-party widgets from your favorite apps, even Google (coming soon). Check out some of the coolest widget apps for the new iOS 16 iPhone lock screen below. Find out more about iOS 16 here first things to do after getting up and running and why your iPhone might not have all the cool features of iOS 16.

IOS 16 apps for designing your own widgets



Widgetsmith – a robust iPhone app for creating and editing your own widgets – made its debut in 2020 when iOS 14 added widgets to its home screen. Now the app adds the tricks of customizing widgets to iPhone lock screens.

With Widgetsmith, you can create and customize all three types of lock screen widgets to add calendar items, text, weather updates, photos and much more.

Screen set

Screenshot of Screenkit widgets

Screen set

ScreenKit is another widget customization app that delves into iOS 16’s lock screens. The app comes packed with a ton of custom icons and other aesthetic features.

ScreenKit makes it easy to create your own lock screen widget from scratch, then further customize it with background, colors or decorations.

IOS 16 apps that launch functions or other apps


Screenshot of Launcher widgets


Launcher widgets have been available in the Home screen and Today view for years. The app lets you create shortcuts to quickly access your bookmarks, play music, launch other apps, or communicate with your best contacts via phone, messages, or FaceTime.

Now you can get most Launcher features on iPhone lock screen. Just touch your favorite person’s face to send them a message or call.


Screenshot of Launchify widgets

Launchify / Screenshot by Peter Butler / CNET

Add quick shortcuts on the lock screen that lead to your favorite iPhone apps or bookmarks with Launchify, a new app released the same day as iOS 16. The app lets you import your own custom icons or use thousands from your own library.

The free version of Launchify lets you add only two circular widgets to your lock screen – a subscription for $ 17 a year or $ 2 a month unlocks additional widgets and the ability to add apps that are not included in the Launchify database.

IOS 16 tools, trackers and social apps with lock screen widgets


Screenshot of Flighty widgets


The popular flight tracker Flighty has already been updated to support lock screen widgets. Now just look at your iPhone for the latest arrival and departure information.

You can also add lock screen widgets with a travel countdown, destination weather, flight progress bar, or other detailed flight information including gate number, seat allocation, and baggage claim information.


The social media giant Facebook surprised users on the launch of iOS 16 by updating its iPhone app to support two lock screen widgets. You can add birthdays or the latest updates from your friends in no time.

The birthday widget is available in both circular and rectangular versions. The Best Updates widget is only available as a wider rectangular widget and includes the latest Facebook notifications.

Dark Noise

Dark Noise lock screen widgets

Dark Noise

Dark Noise Ambient Sound App has become a popular tool for iPhone users who like to have background noise to sleep or focus on. Now you can access white noise right from the lock screen. Dark Noise added all three types of widgets for different sounds and sounds attached to the app.

Apollo for Reddit

Apollo lock screen widgets for Reddit

Apollo for Reddit

Heavy Reddit users will appreciate the new lock screen widgets from this third-party follow-up app for the popular discussion forum site. Apollo developer for Reddit Christian Selig has already created some new lock screen widgets to monitor Reddit activity at a glance when your iPhone is locked.

You can add widgets that show you how your latest post is doing, new messages in your inbox, updated karma points, popular posts or bookmarks to your favorite subreddits, among the many options.


The health-focused WaterMinder app for iPhone helps you stay hydrated, and now you can get reminders to drink more water – right from your iPhone’s lock screen. The app was recently updated to add eight lock screen widget styles.

You can now view current water levels, view hourly and weekly charts, and log drinks right on your iPhone lock screen.


Screenshot of item widgets


Things is a popular personal task manager for iPhone that allows you to create to-do lists and track your progress. The new update for iOS 16 brings most of the power of Things right to your iPhone’s lock screen.

Three new Things widgets allow you to view tasks in your to-do list, quickly add new tasks, or track your progress as you complete your tasks. The things lock screen widget matches the tasks in your Today list by default, but you can customize it to show other items like your inbox, appointments, or shopping lists.


Screenshot of pack widgets


The handy Parcel shipment tracking app allows you to monitor the progress of your deliveries from 300 services including UPS, FedEx, DHL and the US Postal Service. With the latest iOS 16 update, the app now adds the ability to track a specific bundle right from the lock screen. Parcel lock screen widgets are available in all three formats – circular, rectangular, and built-in.

More apps with new lock screen widgets for iPhones with iOS 16

Many other iPhone apps have updated or added lock screen widgets for use with iOS 16. Here’s a list of apps we’ve found that have new lock screen widgets:

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