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Choosing the right settings for a competitive shooter can be critical to your success as minor tweaks to key settings can drastically improve the overall gameplay experience. This Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 settings guide will help you choose all the best multiplayer settings which are often hidden in the menu system.


The best settings for Modern Warfare 2 Beta

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The best controller settings for PlayStation, Xbox and PC

  • Button layout setting – recommended tactical setting

In addition to the default layout, you will find 13 Various button layout options. These layout options reassign buttons for firing weapons, aiming sights, hand-to-hand combat, use of tactical and lethal equipment, and more. While it will ultimately come down to your preference and your playstyle, one of the most popular options is the tactical which turns your melee and stance buttonsoffering much better gameplay.

Again, if these don’t work for you, consider trying the other options available to see what’s best for you.


  • Controller vibration – OFF

We recommend turning Controller vibration off. This will save battery life, and vibration can often interfere with movement and distract you.

We highly recommend people with PlayStation 5 controllers disable trigger effects. Disabling this feature will help prevent any resistance or vibration when pressing L2 and R2. In addition, playing with trigger effects can significantly affect your performance from a competitive point of view, as reflex time will be crucial in winning many matches.

  • Sensitivity of the horizontal / vertical stick – a sensitivity of 6 to 8 is recommended.

Like most settings in this category, the stick’s horizontal and vertical sensitivity comes down to personal preference. While there is no one-size-fits-all setting, we recommend it test a few different sensitivity options. The stick sensitivity adjustment is one of those small tweaks that can make a big difference to your gameplay, to the point where it can make the difference between hitting targets in front of your enemy.


The game is set to fourth by default and it will take some getting used to, we recommend setting the sensitivity in the range from 6 to 10; however, it is not uncommon for some players to use settings as high as 12. While it will feel weird at first to move around with much higher sensitivity, try giving each option at least a few games.

  • Automatic Sprint – Automatic Tactical Sprint

We recommend running Automatic tactical sprintthat allows your character to automatically sprint while on the move. This reduces having to press other buttons to switch sprints, increasing your reaction time during skirmishes.

  • Interacting Behavior / Reloading – Reload priority

There are a lot of things in Modern Warfare 2 that you can interact with, be it collecting weapons or opening doors. To avoid accidents, we recommend selecting the Reload priority option. This means that if reload and interaction are available simultaneously, tap to reload, hold to interact.

Alternatively, if you are playing game modes like Search and Destroyyou can choose to Interaction prioritiesbecause it will make it much easier to interact with your goals.


  • Armor Behavior – Apply everything

While there are no armor plates in the MW2 beta, the choice is Apply everything is recommended. This setting will simplify the need to press and hold each tile to apply them one by one; instead, the process will be automatic when initially pressed and held.

The best advanced controller settings for PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Here’s where things get juicy, as you’ll find some helpful presets placed in Advanced settings for the Controller menu. To access advanced settings, press RT / R1 when using the driver’s Setup menu.


Having Aim assist on will allow the camera to slow down as the crosshair approaches the enemy.

  • Aim Assist Type – It is recommended that you test all options

If you’re just starting out on console targeting, or you’re not a fan of the traditional aim slowdown used in Modern Warfare games, you may want to consider testing out all the different options available in this setting.

  • Here are all the types of aim assist available:
    • Default – Traditional near target slowdown used in Modern Warfare games.
    • Precision – Strong Aiming Slow that only works when you’re aiming closer to the target. Best for accurate players.
    • Focusing – A strong slowdown in aiming that also triggers when it misses the target. Best for players new to analog aiming.
    • Covert operations – Traditional near target slowdown used in Black Ops games.

Again, it all comes down to personal preferences.

  • Zone dead zone – it is recommended to test different values


To try lowering this Min.Left / Right stick input dead zone to prevent unwanted drifting and movement of your character. Although the default setting is 0.10, we recommend changing to somewhere from 0.1 to 0.5 if you want the analog sticks to be more sensitive to touch.

However, this will of course only depend on the controller and whether or not he is currently experiencing any drift.

In Modern Warfare 2, there are many options for covering objects that can create quite interesting tactics and strategies. However, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the cladding process when you’re just trying to peek over walls and objects.

For this reason, we recommend twisting Grounded jacket offwhich means The jump button won’t make you cover yourself on the ground. Instead you have to first tap to jump and then tap again to start mantling. While this is an extra button press, it has proven to outweigh the gameplay advantages.


Given the relatively fast pace on some Modern Warfare 2 maps, we recommend: turn on Rapid C4 detonation. It will mean pressing the lethal equipment button will detonate any C4 on the map before casting another one.

However, if you like to plant several C4 bombs at once, you’ll want to keep that off.

The best graphics settings to change and customize

  • World Motion Blur & Weapon Blur – OFF

Make sure that turn off world motion blur and Weapon motion blur. While this setting is primarily designed for a more cinematic experience, you’ll find it makes the surroundings and your weapons very blurry and much harder to see what’s going on around you. Obviously, this is not ideal if you want to play competitively and win games.


Like the motion blur settings, film grain is essentially a filter that applies visual noise to your game. You will want again set it to 0 make the game play as clearly as possible.

We recommend setting Depth of field off as this will make all out of focus areas appear blurry. You will be worse off when this setting remains on.

As mentioned above, you’ll want to use AMD technology by enabling this feature to keep your game running as smoothly as possible. As long as we have ours set to 40it all comes down to personal preference, so try a few different values.

  • Field of View – Set from 100 to 110


Default set to 80, we recommend adjusting the FOV to a value between 100 and 110. While we found 120 to be a bit too much for our liking, we believe 100 to 110 offers a nice sweet spot and still provides a lot of extra screen space. Remember that by increasing your field of view you also increase your chances of reduced FPS and graphic artifacts.

The best audio settings to change and adjust

  • Music volume – 0 to 50 recommended

Turn down the music volume to make sure you never miss a step or an incoming enemy. Although some may set theirs to 0we found somewhere in the area thirty there was a nice balance.

The best interface settings to change and customize

  • Telemetry – Server latency and packet loss for inclusion


Maybe you want turn on telemetry settings if you are struggling with latency and frame rate drops. This will allow you to see server latency, connection count, packet loss, and more on the screen.

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