The Elden Ring Twitch Streamer drawing tablet series is absurd

The Twitch streamer Luality basically drops to the floor after being stabbed - and killed - the Limgrave Knight.

Another day, another Ring of Elden run challenge. Ever since FromSoftware’s hugely popular Soulslike was released on February 25, Tarnished around the world has taken some absolutely crazy ways to play the game. But when hitting him with one hand and playing the harp are impressive, Twitch streamer Luality recently took it to a whole new level in an attempt to finish Ring of Elden with a twisted drawing tablet.

You may have heard of Luality before. Brazilian content creator who mainly plays Soulslikes Cramp and YoutubeLuality has been challenging itself for a minute to beat these tough games in some really crazy ways. For example, in 2018 it ran Dark Souls 3 With Dance Dance Revolution dance pad by killing hard bosses like Dancer of the Frost Valley and nameless king sweating in a thunderstorm. She later he purred everything Ring of Eldenbad guys with a dance mata feat that attracted her so much attention that eventually arrived at the Intel booth at PAX West. You can imagine how shocked I was as I watched Luality do this. While FromSoft’s game is still kicking my ass, here she is dressing boss behind boss with a dance pad like it’s nothing.

So when I came across Luality Stomps Godrick Grafted with a drawing board while scrolling Ring of Elden subreddit, I was depressed and needed to learn more. Why? How did the setup work? Was playing with the drawing tablet difficult, or more precisely, more difficult than with the dance pad? I had the opportunity to talk to Luality via DM on Twitter who gave me all the tea.

FromSoftware / Luality

Perhaps the most confusing part of the run is how it all works. Luality broke it down by explaining that it uses both PC and PS5 for streaming (via PlayStation Remote Play) Ring of Elden to her Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 tablet. Things aren’t perfect, she said, but with the help of her community she created something that it worked well enough to defeat the stupid Tree Keeper I look forward to all Tarnished at the beginning of Limgrave.

“I got the idea two weeks ago, asked a few friends for help, and in three days we might have a prototype that hardly worked,” said Luality. “Then I went to PAX West. I was invited to play a dance pad Ring of Elden live at Intel’s booth! It was amazing! As soon as I got home I continued to work on launching the tablet and now we are close to the ideal and by perfection I mean barely possible! This run connects my hopes and dreams more than anything else! I use five different programs that are not designed to collaborate to make this possible. But slowly adjusting things and increasing stability was a lot of fun, especially when the run started taking shape and I started killing bosses. I’m just glad how far we’ve come in such a short time! “

If you’ve seen some of the Luality clips, you’ll notice that it draws strokes across the tablet screen to perform in-game actions such as attacking (straight line) and jumping (triangle). Some commands were too cumbersome to work with. For example, camera control was impossible with this setup, so she gave up on it entirely, relying only on the “reset camera” command. Accuracy is impossible here, which, according to Luality, made the run “incredibly difficult and frustrating” but totally doable.

“Both the dance pad and the drawing pad are not very reliable controllers and have their challenges, but the tablet is better than the dance pad,” said Luality. “They meet just as badly in many places. I also don’t have camera control enabled. But at least on the dance mat, I can hold the keys down, so things like sprinting and diagonal walking are more reliable. I cannot keep the keys with the tablet. I have to draw and draw constantly. Sometimes the tablet allows me to walk on a diagonal line but if I use a pen I have to choose the direction otherwise it is overwhelmed by the inputs! Talking about this makes me laugh. I just love how it all barely works. It makes it more fun and special to me. “

During this challenge, she is a bit more aware of how her body feels when playing.

“My wrists are fine,” said Luality. “Sometimes the position I need a tablet in makes my hands hurt a bit, but I’m working on a fix for it so it’s not a long-term problem! Some time ago I damaged a tendon in my legs while practicing on dance pads, but now most of it is fine! ”

FromSoftware / Luality

Obviously, this is not the first Luality outing Ring of Elden. While she hasn’t been able to describe the number of times she has beaten the game, she intends to end it with a drawing tablet as she is “too stubborn” to give up now. But she spoke of the most difficult part of the run so far, which, perhaps surprisingly, was just walking in the Between Lands with her Tarnished. First it involved drawing lines to initiate motion, but similar to camera controls, which became too cumbersome. Instead, Luality applied a virtual keyboard to the character’s movement only, which made things a bit easier.

Software setup is in progress, so Luality has not released the software it uses to make this all possible. However, she screamed out to her community on several occasions for helping to review this.

“Neither do I do it myself,” said Luality. “People in my community have helped me and have always helped me a lot. The reason why I always say “we did it!” when we do something fun it’s because it has always been a group effort. They help me solve my problems. They help me figure out the details. They help me try different things. They support me financially, so I can afford to take the time and buy the materials needed for these races, and most importantly, they are always there for me and believe in me, even if I don’t believe in myself and they drive me. “

I love her Luality community and you really get a sense of camaraderie from watching her broadcasts. Not only does it give sound advice on relationships – respect yourself, don’t tolerate bullshit for example – but it also gives you digital fives every time it achieves something, whether it’s beating a tough enemy or surviving a massive fall off a cliff. It’s very healthy, not just because she is streaming with her bunnies. That doesn’t make her any less stressful though, and I was sweating watching her get hit repeatedly by the bosses.

So what’s next for Luality? In addition to the trim Ring of Elden with his drawing tablet – it’s about halfway through the game, like it is latest Twitch streamcurrently battling Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon and Star Plague Radahn, she also conjures up other seriously twisted challenges in the latest Soulslike from FromSoftware.

“I’ve been playing FromSoftware games in a weird way for many years,” said Luality. “I think a lot and have weird ideas for running. I have a piano run planned soon. Most things are ready [on that front]! “

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