Why Don’t You Get Looted Red Patterns In Destiny 2

Next season of Destiny 2, more complaints about the seasonal crafting system as many players play the game a lot but don’t get nearly enough red patterned crafting weapons to be able to craft the weapons of their choice. The plunder season seems to be even worse for many than the last two seasons in this area, and indeed a lot of things work against the player.

Here’s why you don’t get red border designs in Season of Loot, at least not the right ones:

There is no guaranteed weekly pattern – Season of the Haunted and Season of the Resurrection have been improved later in the season, so you will be able to receive at least one guaranteed weapon formula per week, which means that after five weeks you will be able to have a crafted version of a specific gun if you were unlucky. This is not an upgrade this season, even if you make it to the last row of tiles.

There is no protection against duplicates – Many players have noted that their luck can lean towards one weapon above the other and there is no protection where you ‘punch’ patterns you don’t have as opposed to repeats. For example, there is an upgrade this season where you will receive a red border weapon pattern during your first run of Ketchcrash. But it could be one you already have, for example how I got my ninth frame with Sailspy Linear Fusion this week as opposed to, say, my second Tarnished Mettle scout frame that I need. There is no protection here.

Focus is wildly ineffective – At the moment, these are four Expedition Expeditions with loaded maps to concentrate even one copy of a single weapon considering you only get 3 Umbral Energy per run. So if it’s a 10% chance of a red frame drop, that would be 40 expeditions to focus on a red frame if you’re lucky. This will change this week as you can get a dual shadow energy map, and a week later, shadow energy may start to drop from playlist activity, but for now, focusing is incredibly ineffective, and I wouldn’t bother grinding until it gets better.

So what Power are you doing to increase your chances of getting red frames? As someone who has finished 4, almost 5 out of 6 guns, here’s my advice I shared before, besides just “play a lot”.

Complete all milestones – Each of them will award dedicated loot loot, whether it’s three Ketchcrashes, a treasure collected from Expeditions, or eight HELM bounties. And as you operate, promoting the HELM supplier itself will give you more inheritance.

Weapon treasure map – It’s not good for aiming as it goes through all six weapons in a row, but running it each time will at least give you more general patterns more often.

Master Ketchcrash – That might reward you with three chests of looting gear per round, and with a decent team, it might take almost the same amount of time as a normal Ketchcrash. For producing in this way, you will also receive an Ascendant Stop.

Free focus – If you want to craft several different seasonal weapons, spend half the umbral energy for now by simply focusing freely after unlocking all six designs as it’s cheaper and will be half the effort for red frames. Also useful if you are going on a seasonal “create three weapons” triumph.

Season Pass – In the depths of the Season Pass, you’ll unlock upgrades where the machine gun and sidearm may start to drop out of playlist activity, which could be red frames.

Again, I wouldn’t be focusing until this week when at least a double map of umbral energy can be obtained.

So yeah, it’s not a great system and it needs some tweaking. But that’s my advice for now.

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