Top 10 Monitor Stands of 2022

Whether you are working from home or sitting in the office, chances are you are staring at your computer monitor for 6 to 8 hours a day. While the workforce has evolved for this, this is not what our bodies are programmed to do – particularly not what our neck and shoulders are programmed to do. With this in mind, a monitor stand is one of the most integral products in any workplace. And, like any other item you can find, some options take precedence over others.

There are two important reasons to consider when choosing a monitor stand for your desk: extra height and optimized space. Working in a messy space can make work even more stressful than it should be, and we all know the trials and tribulations of twisting your neck to get some work done. Therefore, in order to make your PC more user-friendly, we have selected the top ten monitor stands for better ergonomics.

Why the Riser monitor

Improve your view

Organization: Every time you lift a piece of furniture, you get extra clearance in addition to the gift of accessibility. The same goes for purchasing a desktop monitor stand. Depending on which option best suits your workplace, there is usually an open (or storage) space to help you stow your supplies, chargers and gadgets in an organized fashion. Working in a cluttered environment can be tiring, so do yourself a favor by cleaning up a bit.

Ergonomics: Over time, you will realize that the most beneficial factor in purchasing a monitor stand is increased ergonomics. After all, dipping your neck to stare at the screen all day long is not what our bodies are built for, so the effect this adjustable height has on your neck and shoulders will help you get through a healthier working day. In addition, it will reduce eye strain as your eyes will be focused on the center of the monitor rather than the bottom half of it. On this note, for desktop users who haven’t experienced any of these issues, we recommend getting one as soon as the people who do. – after all, it is better to be careful than to heal.

A simple metal desk stand for home use

As the brand name suggests, this is the perfect starter option to simplify everything. Made of metal mesh, the bracket has a convenient pull-out drawer that can store letters, hard drives and more. In addition, it has four roomy side pockets to keep sticky notes, pens and other office supplies tidy. Most importantly, it measures just under 6 inches tall.

Purchase: $ 33

IKEA Elloven monitor stand

The handsome ELLOVEN IKEA collection provides well-designed elements for your workspace, so it’s worth choosing this monitor stand. It is just under 4 inches tall and has a spacious drawer that can hold everything from pens and notebooks to flash drives and calculators, keeping your desk space organized and easy to maneuver. First and foremost, it’s made of durable bamboo so it’s built to last.

Purchase: $ 35

Satechi Type-C monitor base in aluminum

While Satechi’s sleek Type-C monitor stand is compact, it is extremely functional and serves much more than a stand. It has a range of built-in expansion ports that allow you to add USB-C or standard USB data. It is compatible with several Mac models, including the manufacturer’s new Apple Studio Display.

Purchase: $ 70

Room & Board Arcana monitor stand

The Room & Board Arcana monitor stand is made of shiny, solid acrylic that is as durable as it is elegant. Its maximum dimensions of 40 “wide and 4” high make it the perfect choice for organizing any desk. In addition, it was made by a humble father and daughter company in Wisconsin that uses American-made materials.

Purchase: $ 119

West Elm Uprise monitor stand

You can always trust West Elm to have something suitable to make any space look better. The Uprise monitor stand, inspired by a mid-century supplier, can be wall mounted or used as an organizer, considering it a versatile piece of equipment that will add character to any desk setup. When placed on its side, it is 4.25 ” tall for extra ground clearance.

Purchase: $ 120

CB2 Strata black marble desk stand

The sharp design language of CB2 is aimed at all enthusiasts of contemporary design, and nothing says modern like a chic piece of marble. The Strata Monitor stand from sister brand Crate and Barrel is 5 inches tall and consists entirely of marble and metal. Moreover, the marble veins in each piece will be different, making each stand different from the next.

Purchase: $ 129

Wooden stand for the CompuStands monitor

When you’re purchasing anything that can be assembled by hand, it’s always a good idea to check out what artisans (and artisans) have to offer on Etsy. This well-designed monitor stand by CompuStands is made from sustainable birch plywood and comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to customize your workspace to your liking. Most importantly, its small compartment will fit several gadgets and supplies, as well as a Mac Mini or Mac Studio computer. It comes in two different sizes but each offers an extra 4 inches tall.

Purchase: $ 130

Artifox large stand

This sleek, modern option will add an extra 4 inches to your workspace, but its streamlined design is even more impressive. The large Artifox stand is made of powder coated steel and your choice of walnut, white oak or black oak, which is a testament to a well thought out design and optimized display space, not to mention other gadgets and desk accessories.

Purchase: $ 150

Grovemade wood monitor stand

The Grovemade office accessories catalog is one of the most impressive on the market. The brand’s wooden desk shelf is handcrafted in Portland using high-quality materials such as natural cork, American walnut and Eastern Hardrock Maple. The basic configuration offers 4.5 inches tall and can hold up to 50 pounds, so you can rest assured it has everything it takes to hold the monitor and more.

Purchase: $ 140 +

Twelve South HiRise Pro

From chargers to iPhone cases, Twelve South is an expert in creating accessories to suit all your gadget needs, which is why HiRise Pro is one of the best display stands on the market. It offers four different height configurations, allowing you to adjust the angle of the monitor as you see fit. With a maximum height of 8.5 inches, this is without a doubt the most beneficial for the neck and shoulders. Moreover, it is made of elegant bronze-colored steel which is finished with a smooth leather tray that serves as the perfect place to put your phone away when you need to concentrate on work.

Purchase: $ 170


Double yourself

Wooden stand for two Grovemade monitors

While we’ve shed some light on the standard Grovemade wooden desk shelf, you can never go wrong with the extra space. With that in mind, the larger manufacturer option offers the same 4.5 inches tall, but measures approximately 30 inches longer than the smaller configuration, so you are free to add an additional monitor to the equation. It is available in the same elegant designs.

Purchase: $ 260

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