4 reasons why you shouldn’t update your iPhone to iOS 16 just yet

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It’s exciting update your iPhone discover all new featureswhich can be especially said iOS 16. You have customize your lock screen (with widgets), possibility undo sending and edit text messages, improved privacy and security features and a lot more.

And that should be enough to update your system to Apple’s latest iPhone operating system, but there’s always a reason or two to press the pause button for a while and stay with your current operating system.

If you haven’t updated to iOS 16 yet, here’s why you might want to wait – for now.

However, if and when you’re ready to jump, here’s how to download and install iOS 16 and first things to do after installing iOS 16.

The iPhone battery may run out faster than usual

There really isn’t one general reason why your battery drains right after a major software update like iOS 16, but it happens to some people almost every year.

If the battery level is already in poor condition (Settings > Battery > Battery status), you can refrain from updating to iOS 16 for a while.

Here are some reasons why iOS 16 may be draining the battery:

  • Your phone works overtime in background. New features may require files to be indexed to function properly, such as improved search and the duplicate feature in the Photos app.
  • Your apps don’t support iOS 16. Developers have plenty of time to update their apps to the latest update, but if they don’t, the apps may use more battery because they’re outdated.

And of course, there are always software bugs that can be draining your background battery life.

New software may require you to charge your phone more often.

Stephen Shankland / CNET

Even if you wait for future iOS 16 updates, you may still experience some battery drain for the first few days, but this typically goes away when your iPhone is billed for a software update.

You may run into bugs that can cause problems on your iPhone

No matter how polished a software update may seem, a few bugs are sure to slip through the gaps. That’s why Apple sometimes releases a “point update” shortly after a major update to fix issues such as:

  • Battery discharge
  • Delay
  • Applications force shutdown
  • Reboot the phone
  • Useless functions

Seems to already exist IOS 16.0.1 update for iPhone 14 and 14 Pro fix some activation and photo issues – even though the phone hasn’t been officially released yet.

If you are concerned about such issues, you can wait until most of the major bugs are fixed in the next iOS 16 updates.

You can prevent others from sending text messages

One of the biggest new features in iOS 16 is the ability to: undo sending and edit text messages. You have two minutes to recall a text message and 15 minutes to edit an already sent text message, but if you’re using iOS 15, the feature won’t work as expected, which might be good for you if you’re not a fan of unsent and edited messages.

If you are using iOS 15 and the person using iOS 16 tries to recall the text message they sent you, they will not be able to do so. Instead, they’ll get a message saying “You sent a message. They can still see the message on devices where the software has not been updated. “

Basically, they won’t be able to send you any text messages as long as you stay on iOS 15.

Undo sending a text message on iOS 16

You can see what happens when you try to undo a text message from someone who has iOS 15.

Nelson Aguilar / CNET

Staying on iOS 15 also affects the text message editing feature, though not by much. Instead of editing the message, it just sends additional texts for every edit you make.

You may not get all of the new iOS 16 features you need

And not every iPhone running iOS 16 will get all the new features like the battery percentage icon in the status bar or real-time captions for FaceTime videos and calls.

Unfortunately, older iPhone models such as the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone XR won’t get every new feature found in iOS 16. If you want to check the full list of features and unsupported devices, you can read more here.

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Apple has already released a developer version of iOS 16.1 that adds support for the battery percentage feature on the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone 13 Mini. If this is a feature you are looking forward to, you can wait until iOS 16.1 is released to the public.

The battery icon is visible on an iPhone with iOS 16 beta

You may not receive a new battery icon even after updating to iOS 16.

Patrick Holland / CNET

In most cases, you should probably update to iOS 16

Regardless of any hesitation, if you want to jump in, there are plenty of reasons to just update to iOS 16. In addition to all the new features you can take advantage of, Apple’s major software updates can fix bugs and other issues in previous iterations.

Note: Apple has released iOS 15.7, which fixes several security issues without needing to update to iOS 16.

However, major updates not only fix problems, but also introduce new privacy and security settings that improve your security and protect your personal data.

In iOS 16, you have some of the main privacy and security features you’ve been waiting for:

  • Security check: Helps people in situations of domestic violence by quickly limiting the access they have given others.
  • Permission to the table: Applications now have to request clipboard access when copying and pasting between applications.
  • Fast security reaction: Faster installation of important security enhancements.
  • Lock mode: Provides better protection for those who are targeted by mercenary spyware.
Apple security

Apple is taking a new approach to security with its Lockdown Mode.

James Martin / CNET

Added to this are all the new accessibility features that can be extremely beneficial for people with disabilities:

  • Live Captions: Transcribes phone calls and makes subtitles available in real time to the hearing impaired.
  • Detecting the door in a magnifying glass: Helps the visually impaired by enabling them to locate a door using the camera, read the instructions or labels around the door, and obtain instructions on how to open the door.

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