Follow these fitness habits to live to 100 and beyond, says trainer: eat this, not that

Living a long, healthy and productive life can be very exciting things. But to live to 100 and beyond, there are more than a few habits you’ll need to start and stick to. We spoke to an expert and learned some crucial fitness habits for living to 100 and beyond, so get ready to revamp your lifestyle and exercise regime. Here’s to many more birthday parties in the years to come!

Eat this, not that! caught up with Kami Blease, a personal trainer at Fyt, the nation’s largest personal training service that makes expert-guided fitness training accessible and convenient for everyone. Blease lets us in on these key exercise habits you should prioritize. The end result will be worth every effort and motivation you put into achieving your goal. Read on for Blease’s tips.


Sleep is a key part of your fitness and overall well-being. If you don’t get the right amount of sleep, you won’t be able to get the right amount of exercise that your body needs. So consider this the first of the key habits for living to 100 and beyond.

Blease explains, “In our culture, we can glamorize hustle and bustle and a no-sleep mentality, but in the long run, it just does us a disservice.” A solid night’s rest will make you much more productive the next day. It will also help improve the way you manage your appetite and energy, make sure you’re living your healthiest life, and make sure your brain is processing and using everything it was exposed to the day before.

Blease says most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep, but it’s really important to consider how many hours you’re actually getting each night. This will make it easy to know what your body is looking for when you’re not restricting your sleep time. She adds, “I also recommend establishing a nighttime routine that gets your brain and body ready for sleep. Something as simple as a specific playlist, meditation, or cup of tea is a good place to start.”

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Let’s face it: life these days is extremely hectic and overstimulated. Going non-stop is an easy routine to get into, but it can lead to burnout. If you don’t manage stress properly, you put yourself at risk of getting sick more often and your energy levels will decrease, so you won’t feel like exercising. The struggle will be real when it comes to keeping your life balanced and under control.

Blease advises, “While self-care may seem like a luxury or unnecessary, it’s really important to do it, especially when you’re busy. A 10-minute walk, a bubble bath, a phone call to a friend, or reading “a book is all that. things you can do that give your mind/body a break, allow you to reconnect with yourself and show yourself that you are a priority. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but it should be something” .

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All types of movement for your body are beneficial and important. Walking is such an easy thing to add to your routine, and it doesn’t cost a thing! You can start walking just 10-15 minutes every day and in the long run it will be quite impactful. There’s no need to stress about it, just do what works best with your schedule and make it fun. Constant movement throughout your life will help you feel much healthier, younger and better.

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The benefits you get from exercise are extraordinary and do wonders for your physical appearance. A regular exercise routine gives you a stronger cardiovascular system and strengthens your muscles, which helps you maintain your independence and perform daily tasks as you age.

Blease says, “Exercising regularly allows your body to de-stress, release toxins, and connect your mind to your body. Movement can be different for everyone, and I don’t think there’s one specific thing that you should do. you should do what you really love and want to do consistently.” In addition to walking, consider participating in tennis, trampolining, or swimming. It’s important to find something you enjoy doing as this will make it much easier to stick with it.

As you age, your body loses muscle, which puts you at greater risk of injury. It is essential to constantly work on stretching, strengthening muscles and improving balance. All of this will help you age gracefully, be healthy and be happy!

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