Google gives random Pixel fans a preview of the Pixel 7 Pro, it’s leaking when pre-orders begin

If you are #TeamPixel, here is an exciting video posted by Google that is sure to make you green with envy. And if you’re not #TeamPixel, well, you can turn green anyway out of envy. Google has set up random Pixel fans to take a look at the soon announced Pixel 7 Pro and recorded their responses. To keep the video from revealing any last-minute surprises, devices have been encrypted like faces Impractical jokers random people who did not want to appear on TV.

Google is giving random members of #TeamPixel a sneak peek at the Pixel 7 Pro

So what are the random members of #TeamPixel calling the upcoming Pixel 7 Pro? Some notable descriptions are “sexy”, “pretty” and “amazing”. One of the members of #TeamPixel asked, “Can you tell me any of the new features or is it top secret?” Nice try.

Many of those asked to comment wished to take the phone home with them, although one person said, “I’ll get one of them.” One woman slipped the phone into her shorts and while it was a joke she was hoping to take the Pixel 7 Pro home with her. After putting the phone in her clothes, she turned to the camera and said, “What Pixel 7?” And before the clip ends, we see another woman sitting on a stool saying, “Wait! Is there a watch? “

This is. The Google Pixel Watch will debut with the unveiling of the Pixel 7 series on October 6, starting at 10:00 AM EST. By the way, if you eat a lot of carrots and refrained from playing on your own (apparently it hurts your eyes, you know) you may notice in very small letters that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro pre-orders will start on October 6, the day of the Made by event. Google.
While the Pixel 7 series does have some aesthetic changes compared to the current models, perhaps the biggest change will be under the hood which will host the Google Tensor 2 chipset. We said that the SoC benchmark shows that it is likely that the same ARM Cortex-A76 core that is in the original Tensor chip will be reused in place of the Cortex-A78.

In addition to two ARM Cortex-A76 cores, Tensor 2 is to once again include a pair of ARM Cortex-X1 cores and four A55 cores. However, the clock speed of the cores will reportedly be higher compared to the first Tensor chip. The multi-core result in Geekbench was 10% higher for the Pixel 7 Pro compared to its predecessor, suggesting there will be some performance improvement.

The Pixel 7 Pro may include 3D Face Unlock, which is still talked about as an upcoming feature drop for the Pixel 6 Pro. This is made possible by the ability of the camera sensor on both phones to create depth maps of the user’s face. Without a depth map, malicious people could open a Pixel 6 or 7 Pro by placing a photo of the owner of the device in front of the camera.

What changes do Pixel 6 Pro users want to see in Pixel 7 Pro?

If you asked Pixel 6 Pro users what changes they would like to see on the new model, the improved modem would be at the top of the list as connectivity issues have plagued Pixel 6 users from the start. An optical fingerprint sensor below the display or a return to the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor would also be at the top.

Faster recharges and longer battery life would probably be greatly appreciated. Has anyone said they want Dynamic Island on the Pixel 7 Pro? That’s another story. Let’s look at something that is sure to come next month. When Google started taking pre-orders for the Pixel 6a, this offered a crazy swap deal that gave those trading the Pixel 3a $ 300 off the Pixel 6a’s price, taking the price down to $ 149.

Given that many Pixel 6 series users have had to deal with errors since receiving their phones, we would expect Google to reward the loyalty of Pixel 6 users by offering amazing replacement deals. There can be one negative change if the rumor mill is correct. Google is said to be eliminating the 512GB memory model and will give Pixel 7 buyers the option to purchase a 128GB or 256GB memory phone.

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