Google Pixel Watch: Specs, $ 349 +, Wear OS 3, and all we know

Google officially announced its first smartwatch on I / O 2022 in May, but only provided a “first look” ahead of its full disclosure this fall with the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. 9do5Google he has since revealed a lot of new details, and here’s everything we know about the Pixel Watch.

  • Original: 4th of July
  • Update 1: September 1
  • Update 2: September 20

Design, exhibition and materials

The Pixel Watch consists of three different layers, ranging from convex glass that curves all the way to the sides of recycled stainless steel. According to early measurements, the round body of the watch is about 14 mm thick and over 40 mm wide, while the actual flat display is about 30 mm wide (or 1.18 inches). Google has not revealed the resolution of the display or what glass protects it.

There is a crown in the shape of a cap that rotates and can be pressed at three o’clock with a button just above it. The case also has a long speaker grille on the left edge and two small circular cutouts.

There are fairly sizeable slots at the top and bottom for straps with 20mm straps attached with a proprietary mechanism that places it at an angle and then snaps into place.

Colors and bands

Google showed the Pixel Watch in three stainless steel colors:

  • Silver: shiny, polished finish
  • Black: Non-reflective, possibly a matte finish
  • Gold: a darker shade

In June, we reported that Google is working on an extensive collection of watch straps, though not all of them can be marketed or made directly by the company:

  • Silicone band: Already shown by Google and very similar to Fitbit’s Infinity Bands
  • Fabric headband
  • Stretchable headband
  • Two leather straps: different in style and in lighter / darker shades
  • Bracelet Link: Metal
  • Milan Style Mesh Wristband: Made of stainless steel in colors matching the three body colors

Specifications for the Pixel watch

9do5Google in May it reported that the Pixel Watch is powered by Samsung’s Exynos 9110. It comes with a coprocessor and over 1.5GB of RAM, which should outperform what’s currently on offer on Wear OS. Meanwhile, 32GB of memory is double that of existing devices and allows users to store multiple songs offline.

This chip is from 2018 from the Galaxy Watch from Tizen, but various tasks should be offloaded on the coprocessor. It is unclear how Google will identify this SoC and whether Tensor branding will be applied.

We also reported that the Pixel Watch has a battery of just under 300mAh and should last for a day. Charging is via a magnetic disc with USB-C on the other end.

In addition to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, Google will offer the LTE Pixel Watch mobile model. Other known specifications include built-in GPS and 50 meters of water resistance.

Fitbit and health on Pixel Watch

The big goals of Pixel Watch are health, fitness and exercise. There is of course a Fitbit integration that offers a dashboard view of all your stats – just like on existing Fitbit devices, while Google Fit will also be offered.

The sensor layout underneath the Pixel Watch is identical to that of the Fitbit Luxe and Charge 5. There is a heart rate sensor and hardware support for SpO2 (blood oxygen) and EKG (electrocardiogram) readings.

Carry the operating system and applications

Pixel Watch runs on Wear OS 3, but it remains to be seen how much Google customizes the experience. It will be noticeably different from what Samsung has done (One UI Watch) and could be closer to the upcoming Montblanc launch or the Fossil update.

For example, there should be a simple list of apps instead of a circular bubble launcher, while you can swipe up to see notifications. Swiping down for quick setting remains unchanged, and tiles can be accessed by swiping vertically from the clock face.

We’ve already looked at some of the watch faces that Google is working on. Designs range from digital to analog, and most offer complication slots like Fitbit.

Google Assistant is sure to be a big push while Google Pay / Wallet tap to pay and Maps navigation. All of these apps exist today, but the company also unveiled a Google Home app with a gadget feed and the ability to receive front door alerts.

Your Pixel Watch can unlock your Android device and Chromebook, and the “Google Pixel Watch” companion app will be available. Quick pairing should also be available to make connecting and switching Bluetooth headphones faster.

Price and premiere of the Pixel Watch

In late August, we reported that Google is pricing the Pixel Watch cell phone with LTE at $ 399 in the US. We’ve since learned that the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth model costs $ 349.99. Additionally, it will be available in a Black case with Obsidian (black), Silver / Chalk (white and beige) and Gold / Hazel (greenish) straps. The default chassis / LTE band configurations are almost the same except for Silver / Charcoal (gray).

This could change ahead of the fall launch which we can confirm is happening with the availability of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro non-stop if all goes to plan. Operator deals should bring the price down, and we’ve already seen evidence that Google Fi is preparing support.

The Bluetooth / Wi-Fi Pixel Watch will be cheaper, but so far Google’s offering is slightly more expensive than Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 ($ 279). Consideration should be given to the use of recycled stainless steel, which is usually the highest quality material, although sapphire glass is not used.

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