Some iOS 16 users are complaining about Spotlight search slow and battery drain

It’s been nine days since Apple released iOS 16 to the public, making major changes to the lock screen, messages, maps, and more. Within a few days after the release, some users encountered several issues on their iPhones, ranging from poor system performance to battery drain.

Over the past few days, iPhone 14 Pro users have shared specific bugs related to Apple’s latest high-end iPhones, including camera shake, iMessage and FaceTime activation issues, and more. However, there are other issues that affect the wider “iOS 16” user group, and we have compiled two issues based on the user reports below.

Abnormal battery discharge

Ios 16 battery 1 beta 2

After a major iOS update, it is normal for iPhone to drain battery faster as it is doing indexing and background tasks; however, some Twitter users, MacGossip Forums (1,2) and Reddit (1,2) are reporting excessive battery usage in the days after the update.

Wow, iOS 16 is buggy. It totally ruined my battery life on my 13 Pro. Now I have the 14 Pro and everything looked fine, it had great battery life and now I had terrible battery life. As 4.5-5 hours SOT estimated. And now, out of nowhere, my phone has started to really heat up. What’s happening??? Apple please fix this mess.

Other users report an improvement in battery life compared to iOS 15, so the overall experience is rather mixed. Apple recently admitted that enabling tactile feedback on the keyboard in iOS 16 can reduce battery life, so users who experience battery drain may try turning the feature off if they have it turned on. If you’re still having problems with your battery, check out our explanation.

Slow Spotlight search

A more prominent issue facing iOS 16 users is the slow performance of Spotlight search. Users report that Spotlight sometimes takes up to 10 seconds to load results on iOS 16 and sometimes it won’t load at all. Users on multiple Reddits (1,2) and MacGossip Forum threads (1,2) share their experiences:

I have the same problem. Before iOS 15.6, the search was instantaneous, but when I updated iOS 15.6 it became very slow with anything going through the search taking over 5 seconds. I was hoping iOS 16 would fix the problem, but it’s just as slow. I even deleted my phone and restored it from iCloud backup hoping it would fix it. It did not happen.
So Apple, fix this in the next update. This is very annoying and I don’t want to lose all my network settings because of it.

I use my phone’s search to quickly open apps that I have hidden or are several screens away. When I develop and type to search, sometimes applications start showing up in the search after more than 10 seconds. They used to be almost instantaneous. For example, if I start typing MAP, Apple Maps, Google Maps etc. I will get the results. Anyone else noticing this huge slowdown?

With this particular bug, many users found that resetting all settings significantly improved Spotlight search performance, but an official solution and / or bug fix had not been released by Apple.

New iOS 16 update coming next week

Apple has confirmed that it is aware of some of the issues users are experiencing, including camera shake on the latest iPhone 14 Pro, and has promised an iOS 16 update next week. The update, most likely iOS 16.0.2, will include a fix for camera issues, the annoying copy and paste prompt, and iMessage and ‌FaceTime‌ activation. The update can also fix other problems experienced by users such as battery drain and slow Spotlight search.

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