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Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro will begin arriving at customers and hit stores on Friday, September 23. In advance, the first reviews of wireless headphones have already been shared by select media publications and YouTube channels.

Priced at $ 249, the 2nd-gen AirPods Pro headphones offer better audio quality, longer battery life, and up to 2X more noise reduction compared to the original AirPods Pro. They also have a swipe-based volume control, an improved built-in skin detection sensor that turns audio playback on or off more accurately, and a new XS earbud option.

The new AirPods Pro come with an upgraded charging case with a built-in speaker and U1 chip for Find My with precision search, a lanyard hole for easy carrying, and IPX4 water and sweat resistance. In addition to Lightning and MagSafe, the case can now be charged using the Apple Watch charger.

We’ve summarized both the written and video reviews of the new AirPods Pro headphones below.

Written reviews

BorderlandChris Welch said there are “significant” improvements to Active Noise Canceling:

But Apple has made significant gains with active noise reduction. The company says that on average, the new implementation is “up to twice as effective as the original AirPods Pro.” And while I lack any scientific measurement tools, this claim does not seem unrealistic. In our office, I recently moved desks and now sit near a vent that emits a persistent hum. The original AirPods Pro leave a mark in noise canceling mode, but on a second-generation pair, it’s completely muted and unnoticeable. I can still hear my coworkers talking if they walk directly next to my desk, but for the most part, the AirPods Pro give me a lot of peace of mind. I’ve also noticed legitimate improvements when commuting to work on the subway, and you hear less noise from the street as you travel through Brooklyn daily.

Welch also noticed an overall improvement in sound quality:

Let’s move on to sound quality. Apple has completely redesigned the amplifier and driver for the AirPods Pro, and while these drivers are the same 11mm size as the 3rd generation AirPods, they sound better and deliver the cleanest, most dynamic output of any AirPods to date.

EngadgetBilly Steele achieved around six hours of battery life as advertised:

In my testing, I handled six hours and fifteen minutes of use with a mix of noise reduction, transparency mode, and connections. This is more than the previous generation (4.5 hours) and is on par with most competitors nowadays. Sure, some companies offer over 10 hours for a fee, but the average for the noise reduction products I tested is around five to seven. Longer battery life would always be nice, but a six or seven hour Apple mobilization is enough to get you through a working day if you take a short break.

GizmodoAndrew Liszewski said the new swipe-based volume control feature is a welcome update, but can be “a bit picky” at times:

It’s a welcome upgrade, but unfortunately one that I found a bit picky. Sometimes it took a few shifts before anything happened.

As someone who generally hates touching my earbuds when I wear them (inevitably moving them a bit), I’ll likely continue to use Siri’s voice commands to adjust volume or skip tracks (the only thing Siri does very well).

MobileSyropPatrick O’Rourke said swipe-based volume control is his favorite new AirPods Pro feature for a more comfortable listening experience:

In my experience, the AirPods Pro’s new tactile volume controls are extremely responsive and work with subtle changes. For example, if you just want to lower or increase the volume by a degree or two, you can do so with a short swipe. The controls are also marked with a light click, which means they are active and working. I didn’t come across any accidental presses during the few days I spent with the AirPods Pro (Gen 2), even with a long press on the stem to turn on / off active noise canceling or a double press to skip between tracks.

The touch volume control on the device is by far my favorite new AirPods Pro feature. The convenience and ease of use of changing the volume levels directly on the AirPods Pro (2nd generation) without having to remove your iPhone cannot really be underestimated.

O’Rourke added that the personalized surround sound feature in iOS 16 is not very noticeable:

Theoretically, I like the idea of ​​fine-tuning the sound specifically to the shape of the ear, but in practice it doesn’t really matter. It’s also worth noting that while I really like Spatial Audio when watching movies or TV shows on platforms like Apple TV +, I find it hits or misses the music, especially when the track wasn’t originally recorded with technology in mind and has been remastered.

WIREParker Hall said the charging case’s new built-in speaker “is ringing fairly loud” to help track Find My’s location, but regretted that the case had a USB-C port for wired charging instead of the regular Lightning connector:

Want to find a geocache using the Apple Find My app? Now you can and it is ringing pretty loud. It also seems to buzz a little bit as it starts to charge. Speaking of which, you can charge wirelessly as usual (the case also supports MagSafe), but it’s a shame Apple still relies on the Lightning port instead of USB-C.

Video Reviews

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