Fortnite Chapter 4 may launch in December

Chapter 4 of Fortnite is rumored to be released in December. Here’s everything we know so far, based on various leaks and subtle in-game cues from Epic Games themselves.

Tips in cosmetics

A number of the new cosmetics for Season 4 include descriptions that point to the end of Chapter 3:

The Herald’s Outfit Has “Nothing Coming”
The Epitaph Edge pickaxe has the description “Final Cut Waits”
Shiny Ember Cloak Back Bling Has The Caption “Last Light You Will See”

While these descriptions may seem normal for Fortnite items, when looking at similar cosmetics introduced in Chapter 2 of Season 8, it’s clear that they’re a teaser. The following descriptions were added to Fortnite one month before the Chapter 2 Final was announced:

  • Turning pages Emote: “Wait a minute, this chapter is almost over.”
  • Rendering of reality Pickaxe: “This staff has completed countless realities. The Island will soon be joining them.
  • Cubic vortex: “Your time is running out. Tick, tick, tick.”


“Nothing” was often mentioned by in-game characters, cosmetic descriptions, and even Epic Games Creative Director Donald Mustard. Mustard first mentioned Nothing in October 2021, responding to his own tweet saying EVERYTHING changes, to which he replied “or … NOTHING.” This was mentioned again just four days later in a tweet with a quote from Fortnitemares’s “Wrath of The Cube Queen” trailer, this time using the word “Nothing.”

Nothing was recently mentioned as part of the Paradise Week 1 Quest in the game. After successfully contacting Paradigm about one of the new assignments, she replies by saying, “I need to keep these broadcasts short, but I’ll send whatever I know. Be safe. And listen, there won’t be a second chance here. Upon hearing this, Jones says, “Did she say nothing? Either-or-or-or” Nothing, big Y, big N? ”

The paradigm later says, “If there’s a way, we need to know all about The–. Starting with Chrome. We did some experiments, but you’ll probably need more data. ”

It looks like we’ll find out more about Nothing as we progress through season 4.

Map of Asteria

Data experts recently discovered that Fortnite developers are testing a new map codenamed Asteria. Asteria is the name of a Greek goddess, which follows the naming pattern used for the previous Chapter Islands:

  • Chapter 1 – code name Athena
  • Chapter 2 – code name Apollo
  • Chapter 3 – code name Artemis
  • Chapter 4 – Code Name Asteria?

Interestingly, Epic never used a Greek code name for anything other than the new map in the past, which makes it even more likely that Asteria is the island name from Chapter 4. The map of Asteria is labeled “Test S23”. We are currently on Fortnite v22.00.

Images via GMatrixGames

Similarities to Fortnite Cubed

Chapter 2, Season 8, titled “Cubed,” brought the chapter’s story closer through map damage, evil character and, of course, a massive live event. All of these elements are also present in Chapter 3 of Season 4. Chrome will spread to the island in the run-up to December, as will the Cube corruption last year. Greasy Grove’s acquisition of Chrome was already officially announced in the Season 4 Battle Pass trailer:

Thanks leakswe know that Epic has prepared a live event that will take place during the v22.40 update, which is due to be released in late November. Data experts also revealed that version 22.40 is currently planned as the final update for the season, and the patch will be available on version 23.

Picture by GMatrixGames

As always, we’ll keep you posted if we reveal anything else about Chapter 4.

In other news, the new Reboot Rally event is now available in the game. click here to read more.

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