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Happy Friday, Guardians! Welcome back to one of our favorite segments on with this community week! This week we chat with a content creator who has a nice job every day, Kujay!

Hi Kujay! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us! So let’s start with a brief background. Who are you, what are your pronouns and where are you from?

Hello, my name is Kujay (he / he). I am an aircraft designer and Destiny content creator before dark! I grew up in a small town in eastern Kansas before finally relocating to southern California after college.

Wait, Airplane Builder? Yes, we will have to touch on this topic in a moment. But first, what got you into gaming and content creation?

I started playing at a very young age, when I was only four years old. I just started kindergarten and there was a Super Nintendo for all the kids to play. The first game I played was Yoshi’s Island (it’s an amazing game to this day!) and good God, I was hooked immediately! Fast forward around 20 years, and after moving to SoCal, I found myself with MUCH more free time than I was used to in school (aerospace engineering classes are no joke!). Soon after the launch of Rise of Iron, a friend of mine who was broadcasting started persuading me to try streaming for himself. After a few months of pushing him away, I finally gave up and bought a PS4 cam. I found out streaming is a lot of fun (and something I’m really good at), so much so that I’ve been doing it for almost six years!

It sounds like my kind of nursery. 😊 Okay, big question – how do you reconcile full-time and content creation in the world?

Over the years it has been difficult to reconcile my professional career with the content creation side of my life. In the early years, I streamed MUCH more, watching broadcasts Friday through Monday (usually with a lot of Trials of Osiris help!). However, as the years passed and my responsibility for my daily work increased, I began to cut back on the amount of content I was stuffing. Over the past two years, I have started to focus more on YouTube because it’s something I can do “piecemeal” as opposed to shooting a camera live. And on the Twitch side, I’m mostly a “weekend fighter” now, with only streams on Saturdays and Sundays. It was hard to juggle the two sides of my life but also EXTREMELY satisfying. How many people do airplane design during the week and then go home to enjoy a good stream and YouTube channel over the weekend? That’s something I don’t take for granted!

Gosh, that sounds like a crazy ride, and you seem to have done a great job of maintaining it. So you mentioned Yoshi’s Island, but how did you find? Destiny?

Interestingly, I took quite a long break from playing when Destiny he came calling. After I dropped out of Skyrim in my senior year of high school, I didn’t play much during my first and second years of college. However, I was sucked into the PS4 remaster The Last of Us (AMAZING game by the way!) Which I never had a chance to play when it originally launched. And then, as if by “destiny” (the blink of an eye), a few days after it’s finished The last of usI got an email from Sony inviting me to play the upcoming game Destiny alpha. I’ve always been more Call of Duty the kid grew up but a lot of my childhood friends were MASSIVE Halo fans. When I asked them about another Bungie project with Destinyeveryone encouraged me to give it a try, describing the game as a mix Call of Duty, Haloand “Space Skyrim“. I decided to try alpha shortly after and was hooked straight away. The shooting was by far the best I’ve ever experienced. And now, more than eight years later, I’m still just as helplessly addicted to Destiny just like I landed at the Cosmodrome for the first time.

Day one player, love to watch it! What kind of content do you like to focus on while streaming or making videos?

I like to focus on the content of the end game in Destiny, focusing more on the PvP side, be it Trials of Osiris or the Iron Banner. I also love GM Nightfalls and raids and especially enjoy raids on the first day with my group!

This is great! The end content can be so demanding, so having content creators like you to help educate and shepherd others is really cool. For those newer players, what would you like to know before or at the beginning of yours Destiny journey?

Honestly, I wish someone had told me how exactly I would be absorbed by … Destiny universe and the wider Bungie community. How do I still play the same game after eight years ?! Hahaha, just kidding =). But in all seriousness, I’d like to know how important it was finding a solid group of people to play with Destiny z. I played solo for a decent chunk of time during the Vanilla D1 before finding my way to the LFG (Looking for Group) sites. If I hadn’t been captured by the magic of the OG Vault of Glass, there’s a good chance I’d quit playing Destiny in those early days. The game is so much more fun when you have friends who can jump into more difficult content and dismiss builds and ideas. For this reason, I am extremely excited about the arrival of the Guardian Rank and Fireteam Finder in the game Destiny 2 next year. I think they will serve as catalysts for thousands of players who will start creating their own groups of friends and unlock a real “endgame” Destiny.

Hell yeah! As your focus is on the end game content, do you have any advice for players looking to improve their skills as a player?

If you are someone who wants to delve deeper into the final experiences in Destiny and improve your skills, the absolute best thing you can do is reach out to other players and start building a group of friends that you can play Destiny with. While Destiny can be played solo, the full potential of the game is realized when you have a set group of people to rely on, both in regular PvE environments and deep in the Trials trenches. Teamwork really makes the dream work and you will become a better player over time by collaborating with other like-minded players.

Alright, time to ask what is your main character and favorite subclass?

I’ll probably get a lot of anger here, but Hunter is my main character, and I’ve been hopelessly addicted to Stompees for almost five years. Coming back to Modern Warfare 2, my favorite way to play FPS games has always been speed, speed, and more speed! To that end, I am absolutely LOVING Arc 3.0 Hunter. Speed ​​Booster is just a * chef’s kiss * and Gathering Storm may just be the coolest super in the game right now. I used the main Arcstrider from seasons 2 to 8, so coming home to my old child with Arc 3.0 was amazing!

Oh yeah, playing video games fast is always fun! 😊 What kind of atmosphere does your channel maintain?

My channel tends to walk the line between entertainment and education. In a moment we will delve into the knowledge of Fr. Destiny universe and start speculating on future stories. Then in the next one, in a Crucible match, something completely absurd will happen (at the expense of my opponent OR me, both are common situations!). We often talk about builds or the state of the game as a whole while keeping it light with lots of laughs along the way. Like the balance between my professional life and content creation, my channel thrives on the duality between education and entertainment.

Fun and educational, yet carefree? Sounds like my seat!

Okay, time to finish our interview, but I wanted to ask because so far you have been really inspiring in our conversation. What do you want each New Light to know when it joins the ranks of the Guardians?

In your present experience, the New Light can seem overwhelming once you complete your introduction to the Cosmodrome. You are summoned to the Tower and given a quest after a mission. My advice is to choose only ONE of these quests and commit to it yourself. By the time you complete this first quest, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to try out new weapons, increase your Power a bit, and generally feel the gameplay loop. Destiny. And when most people get this far, the gameplay alone is usually enough to get them addicted!

For more detailed tips, 1000% start using the Destiny Item Manager to greatly improve the quality of your inventory. That, and be sure to check on Ada-1 daily for those sweet, sweet combat mods!

Finally, where can people find you?

I stream on Twitch every Saturday and Sunday morning, from time to time I upload a video to YouTube. I am also very active in the country Twitterwith tons of hot shots and pranks to keep everyone entertained!
Thank you so much Kujay for spending time with me! Make sure you check their feeds and follow them if you like their content. If you haven’t checked out our latest community focus with Leyla, feel free to do so now! And until next time, tag us with your Community Focus recommendations on our social channels.

Be cunning, Guardians!


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