Exclusive: When is the “Shovel Knight Dig” bundle? Here is the official Shovel Knight timeline

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Since the launch of Shovel Knight in 2014, the two-dimensional adventure game of Yacht Club Games has become a real series thanks to the addition of the spin-offs Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon and Shovel Knight Dig. The latter is the latest in the series and is now available on Switch eShop; Be sure to check out our full review to find out all our thoughts on the roguelite platformer.

Of course, in addition to the three downloadable story campaigns for Shovel Knight, the introduction of Shovel Knight Dig means that the overall narrative and knowledge of the series has expanded significantly as well. Now the question is: when is Shovel Knight Dig taking place and what is the full Shovel Knight timeline?

Well, we spoke to Celia Schilling, Marketing Manager of Yacht Club Game, to get some much-needed answers. We dive into the aforementioned timeline of Shovel Knight, Hexcavators and Order of No Quarter, and the stories of Mole Knight and Tinker Knight.

Nintendo Life: Given Specter of Torment was also a prequel to Shovel of Hope, where exactly does Shovel Knight Dig fit?

Celia Schilling, Marketing Manager, Yacht Club: Shovel Knight Dig is the first game in the Shovel Knight series. This makes it a prequel to the Specter of Torment! You may remember the intro from the first game of Shovel Knight: “Long ago, the lands were untamed and traveled by legendary adventurers.” Well, Dig will take you back to those good old days when Shovel Knight and Shield Knight went off together fighting the bad guys and looking for treasure! We hope fans will be interested in playing the events that preceded the original saga.

Official Shovel Knight timeline
Image: Yacht Club Games

Besides the obvious fact that these are new creations for this game, is there a canonical reason why the new knights were not in the Order Without a Quarter?

First there is Drill Knight, the leader of the Hexcavators – as a famous criminal genius, he would probably see the work of the Order as a core position. Plus… when he started a team for Dig, I’m pretty sure he learned that joining a bigger team means sharing less wealth.

As for the Scrap Knight, Hive Knight, and Spore Knight, they likely have their own reasons for not joining the Order further down the line – reasons you’ll discover by playing Dig! Regardless, I don’t think the Sorceress appreciates all the rubbish, larvae, and mushroom stents that populate the Tower of Destiny.

And vice versa, is there a reason other members of the Order Without a Quarter have not joined Hexcavators?

Hmmm, the canonical reason? They haven’t met yet! Specter Knight is still Donovan! So, along with Luan, he is doing thieving things in the land of the living. Treasure Knight is busy being a pirate. King Knight is still charging for free at his mom’s house eating cakes etc. Maybe you will even find out more in Dig …

As creators, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove already featured the story of Plague Knight, Specter Knight, and King Knight. With the creation of the Knight’s Scoop Excavation, we wanted to highlight a few other members of the Order! From then on, it was an elimination process. Propeller Knight is flying in the sky, so there’s no point in being underground. Maybe the Polar Knight would be too tasty underground… and so on. We chose the Mole Knight in particular because we found it really fun to change his outfit to something else. His inner name was “Aqua Mole Knight” the longest. Maybe in the next game he’ll have an electric or grass suit! When it comes to Tinker Knight, the little tech geek is a perfect fit. All seizures need brain for strength! We’re sure there will be more of our colorful cast of characters in the future. Who do you think it would be fun to see next?

How will this game delve into the story of both Mole Knight and Tinker Knight with both of them now Hexcavators?

Shovel Knight Dig has given us the opportunity to find out who the characters of Tinker Knight and Mole Knight are. Tinker Knight signs contract with Hexcavators as an engineer! The little schemer became interested in their interesting problems to be solved underground. Mole Knight, on the other hand, reunited with the team after being captivated by Knight’s tunneling ability! We don’t want to mess up too much, so you’ll need to play this game to learn more about Hexcavators’ deep interpersonal dynamics!

Thank you so much to Celia Schilling for taking the time to chat with us. Shovel Knight Dig is available now on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $ 24.99 / £ 22.49.

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