3 Front Door Colors That Can Help Your Home Sell More, According to Zillow

Plus two colors to avoid.

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Even before buyers leave the car, they are already evaluating the house. They examine the lawn, look at the sidewalk, look at architectural details and wonder if the entrance gives them the feeling of “I’m at home”. And understand: Recent data from Zillow showed potential home buyers are especially color-sensitive entrance door. Although a small detail, it makes sense when you think about it.

“The front door is a nice spot and provides a curb appeal,” notes Lance Thomas, chief designer for Thomas Guy Interiors. “The colors of the front door can set the mood before anyone enters the room. In addition, many buyers want to buy a home ready to move in, and that [technically] it starts at the front door. “

How the front door affects the selling price

While the color of your front door comes down to aesthetics, it can ultimately affect the selling price of your home. In fact, a 2022 survey by Zillow found that potential home buyers said they would pay around $ 6,500 more for a house with the desired paint color. On the contrary, survey participants said they would pay around 6,500 less home if the color of the front door was perceived as undesirable.

The Zillow survey included 1,549 participants across the United States who either bought a home in the last two years or planned to buy a home in the next two years. Participants were shown a photo of the front door to the house along with four photos of the interior of the house. Participants were shown one of 11 different front door colors, but all interior images remained the same. They were then asked how much they would be willing to pay for the house. The bottom line is that while paint is a relatively minor factor in the blueprint of things, it is clearly something that buyers take into account – subconsciously or otherwise – when pricing their potential new home.

“Our behaviorists believe it’s because buyers navigate a complex environment with a lot of uncertainty,” said Amanda Pendleton, Zillow’s home trending expert. “We don’t buy houses every day, so our brains try to pick up a lot of information on a topic we don’t know, and therefore some clues like color have a greater influence on our decisions.”

The 3 best colors for painting your front door

Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or just want to add curb appeal, these three front door paint colors are considered the best.


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In the Zillow poll, the black front door scooped the highest bidder. On average, potential buyers said they would pay $ 6,449 more for a house with a bold, bright color. Pendleton says: “In the right house, a shiny new coat of black paint seems classic. It’s a high contrast color that really pops out and makes your front door stand out. ‘

Thomas agrees, noting that the black door is a classic choice that will not go out of style and will make the home look lively and sophisticated.

A shade of blue

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The black front door was a favorite in the Zillow poll, but slate blue also appealed to many potential home buyers. Most of the survey participants said they would buy a house with a slate-colored front door and would pay about $ 1,537 more for it.

“Slate blue is a reassuring color taken from nature that reflects the larger color trends we see in design today,” says Pendleton. “This chalk blue with gray undertones is modern and inviting.”

Green olive

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If you want to make a good first impression on homebuyers, olive green is another neutral ground you might want to consider painting your front door. It was the third most popular color in a Zillow survey, and buyers said they would pay around $ 969 more for an entrance door painted that color.

Front door paint colors to avoid

Of course, home buyers may find some front door colors off-putting, which could affect the selling price or potentially cause the buyer to go away altogether.

Pale pink

The millennial pink door only appeals to a small section of the population, making it a bad choice if you’re getting ready to sell. In the Zillow study, some participants described houses with pale pink front doors as “a little shabby looking”. Moreover, buyers said they would pay $ 6,516 less than expected.

Gray Cement

The cement gray front door received the lowest overall rating in the Zillow Survey. Though neutral in color, it can be viewed as dated and devoid of personality, sophistication and charm.

While the final selling price of your home depends on a number of factors, a good door freshening up can pay off.

“Most retailers make two improvements to their home before they put it up for sale, and painting is one of the most common projects they undertake,” notes Pendleton. “By choosing the right paint color for your front door, sellers can attract more buyers and potentially increase their bottom line.”

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